Comic Mini-Series Review: Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0-4 (Marvel 2015)

Published by Marvel, Starting in September 2014
Story: Gerry Duggan
Art: Matteo Lolli
Colors: Chistiane Peter
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Covers By: James Harren & Jordie Bellaire

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With the huge success around the Deadpool and the Deadpool vs. mini-series Marvel has ushered in a constant Deadpool related story for the past 2 years now.  Along with the release of new mini-series there has been a constant influx of goofy Deadpool comic relief covers depicting either Deadpool mocking himself or the related characters involved with the story in some obscene scenario.  Deadpool has become a household name guaranteeing him a revolving door of topnotch writers.

Synopsis: It’s Halloween night and our story opens up too a man whom appears to have grown a conscience; wouldn’t you if you had a cat named Pickles?  The neighborhood kids trick-or-treating speak of a mysterious house where an avenger (shoots arrows) lives.  Legend has it he actually hands out full-sized candy bars!  As a kid you always wanted to score the full-sized candy bars!  HawkeyeVsDeadpool-1-ABut alas those kids are sorely disappointed when they discover full-sized has been replaced with fun-sized candy treats.  Enter Deadpool (Dadpool) sporting his custom Deadpool costume.  (more…)


Comic Review: Deadpool vs. X-Force #1, 2, 3, and 4 (Marvel)

Published by Marvel, September 2014
Story: Duane Swierczynski
Art: Pepe Larraz
Colors: Nolan Woodard
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Covers By: Shane Davis, Morry Hollowell,  and Scott Campbell

Synopsis: Deadpool has come a long way from his first appearance in New Mutants #98.  He’s also become much more than what his original creators artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza intended him to be.  An issue where change was happening all around that issue as New Mutants was moments away from being rebranded as the new title X-Force.  It was also Domino’s first appearance, although later it was revealed that in fact it was Copycat’s first appearance.  The 90’s reeked of characters on steroids, bad hair, and poor writing.  Definitely didn’t see the emergence of a character such as Deadpool to matter much in the overall scheme of things when looking at the Marvel universe as a whole.  I mean who knew that Deadpool would become the hot property that he is today.  Practically in every mainstream storyline and variant comic cover.

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I’m still amazed that he hasn’t had a solo movie yet, especially after all the successes Disney and Marvel have had at the box office as of late.  Guardians of the Galaxy was a major risk but has done extremely well to date.   At least new test footage and a confirmed movie release date have been publicized recently.  If you haven’t seen the test footage with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool then please do check it out…now, disregard my blog, forget what you are reading…and watch!

With the huge success of Deadpool vs. the Marvel Universe we’ve now had a consecutive new Deadpool miniseries release one right after the other from a revolving door of topnotch writers. I’ve listed them out below:

So in this story we open up with Deadpool in the past kicking some major redcoat tail. With gun in hand and mouth locked and loaded he easily mows down all that stand in his way.   This is where we learn that Deadpool does keep notes, notes on who not to kill.  I imagine these will come in hand for Deadpool is not known for asking questions first, then shooting, because after all he’s getting paid mucho bucks!  Enter Cable and Talbot and there time twisted relationship.  After a brief description and an introduction to the famous X-Force team we strap in for what will be a wild time shifting ride.  Our X-Force team first meets Deadpool in what is Colonial America in the year 1777.  Deadpool is quite the formidable opponent and before X-Force can get to him he time shifts to a later period, Gettysburg 1863.  They soon follow after finding Deadpool’s notebook, oh darn, there goes the neighborhood.

First off the cover of book 2 I found rather amusing as it depicted Deadpool playing with his little X-Force action figures, potentially peppering a little foreshadowing in part 2 of our story.  Our X-Force team finds themselves staring down the confederate army at the battle of Gettysburg, PA July 1863.  As you may well have guessed the loss of life must be kept to a minimum.  That means no unnecessary killing by X-Force, per Cable’s orders of course.  They fight the ill armed Confederate Army but that soon brief confrontation crumbles as past 1777 events of book 1 trickle forward to Gettysburg 1863, in a big way. The Union army take up arms against X-Force and have weapons of mass destruction providing an overwhelming advantage, meaning the Confederates don’t have a chance.  Cable and Deadpool go at it in what will be a great many number of confrontations in this series.  This scuffle leads to a time portal opening where our two main characters merge with it.  Deadpool has the upper hand but for how long who really can tell.

With book 3 we see Cable sporting a new dog collar that allows Deadpool to control Cable’s every movement or so we think.  Now stuck in the 1900’s we learn of the reason that Talbot hired Deadpool.  Talbot sent him back in time with the sole purpose of altering specific key anchors in the time stream.  These anchors are key to Talbot’s plan because, well no spoilers here.  You’ll just need to read the series to learn of his grand master plan.  We also get a status update for each of the X-Force members in their related times.  Another battle ensues between Cable and Deadpool and this time Deadpool falls prey to Cable’s gun.  Although Cable leaves to retrieve his team members in 1863, unbeknownst to Cable, Deadpool is able to pull himself back together continuing his mission of altering the timeline.  First however he needs his trusty portable time machine because yeah, we all got one of those in the back right?

In the final book we get to see Deadpool gone bonkers.  The opening dialog is not to be missed as we see him introduce the 4th and final book in this crazy time jumping adventure.  Holding a “Time Gun” in an infomercial kind of way we witness a demonstration of the device on an unlucky traveler.  This time traveler is systematically erased from the time stream.  Why yes Deadpool, I would like one, how much!  Adolf hanging with Deadpool now isn’t that nice, or is it Deadpool nanny?  Hardly the same Deadpool of today but man was this an exciting series to read. With Cable rescuing the rest of the X-Force team from 1777 Cable jams the colonial troops weapons giving back the tactical advantage to the British troops. Time seemingly cleans itself up swiftly taking the team to 1991 where Talbot rules with his crew of Panzersentinals.  Deadpool joins up with Talbot and his army of Panzersentinals and all hell breaks loose!  In the final round between the two, Cable uses his power to deflect the time gun nailing Talbot thus erasing him from the time stream and undoing his fabricated reality.  One thing, if Cable needs this device as we are told in the beginning of issue one and now he’s erased completely, who invents the time machine?  Does the chicken come before the egg or is it the other way around?  Reading the last page and its reference to New Mutants #98 only made me wanting more but alas this series is over.

Panel/Layout: The art is well drawn by Pepe Larraz and at times I see Deadpool as his true New Mutants #98 depiction, skinny in mind, body, but definitely not spirit.  He is is usual 2014 self, loud, obnoxious, unpredictable, and very dangerous.  Each page has very little space not dedicated to some part of the story.  The colors pop and the action sequences are seamless keeping the reader engaged and wanting more.

Verdict: Overall this was an fun and entertaining 4 issue miniseries that kept me engaged with each page.  The plot was simple, X-Force needed to stop Deadpool at specific junctures where he was attempting to alter the time stream.  The merc with a mouth needs his money and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it.  Definitely one of the better miniseries to read and like Deadpool vs. Carnage I definitely recommend this one.  Now on to the next one Hawkeye vs. Deadpool!

Series Rating: 5/5

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