Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 7/20/2016


I felt that this week had only a few standout covers, a few lovable covers, and the rest well, they were the rest.  First up is a beautifully done cover by David LaFuente playing on the romantic relationship shaking up the Valiant universe, well, OK just the Faith and A&A series but still in my world, that’s half the Valiant universe.  To be honest ever young man goes through what Archer is currently going through and that alone won me over!  Following that is a guilty pleasure not pursued as of late and that is a baby cover from none other than the master of Marvel Baby covers himself, Skottie Young.  Most are forgettable in the sense they don’t have that tug at your heart but for me being a fan of the Deadpool, anything Skottie draws of this character grabs me, great job Skottie, you never fail me when it comes to Deadpool.  Next is what?  Yes another Faith involved cover but instead it’s her own new ongoing series and Colleen Coover nailed it by capturing her beautiful essence and free will in that Hawaiian based portrait…it’s also a 1:50 retailer incentive.  Our next Faith cover making the list is from another favorite artist of mine, Emanuela Lupacchino and she grabs the badass side of Faith in every way imaginable with the somewhat iconic superhero pose.  This next cover by Mike S. Miller caught my eye with the costume, minus the helmet, that just reminded me of that 80’s cult classic Flash Gordon.  After gazing at it for a while I soon came to realize that it was a deserving entry in this weeks top 10 from the clean lines and fading background layers.

Now Manifest Destiny hasn’t made the list in a long while.  That being said I just liked the use of colors for the cover and since I’m also a reader of the series, the use of imagery concerning both viewpoints of the current story arc.  David Mack does an incredible job on this weeks installment of Rai for the 4001 A.D. event. Tradd Moore & Dave Stewart’s teamwork for the Rumble variant cover came out looking like nothing I’ve ever seen and on top of that plenty of detail to back it up.  The head of the monster behind the hauntingly twisted tree pops out at out from their use of coloring.  Jim Lee does another very unique cover for Scooby Apocalypse.  He literally redefines the group into a standalone modern twist.  I mean Fred looks like a badass, Daphne look radically different from her norm, and Shaggy looks more like something Sean Gordon Murphy would draw in his current series Tokyo Ghost!  Finally we have a chaotic cover from Greg Land filled with viscous looking Archangels flying at ya, nicely done indeed.

Well that wraps up another week of eye catching comic book covers.  If you feel the need to share your thoughts concerning my choices this week please do and I hope to see you back here next week.

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • A&A #5 Variant David LaFuente
  • Deadpool And The Mercs For Money Vol 2 #1 Variant Skottie Young Baby
  • Faith (Valiant Entertainment) Vol 2 #1 Incentive Colleen Coover Variant
  • Faith (Valiant Entertainment) Vol 2 #1 Variant Emanuela Lupacchino
  • Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five #14 Mike S. Miller
  • Manifest Destiny #21 Matthew Roberts
  • Rai Vol 2 #15 Regular David Mack
  • Rumble #12 Tradd Moore & Dave Stewart
  • Scooby Apocalypse #3 Regular Jim Lee
  • Uncanny X-Men Vol 4 #10 Regular Greg Land

Image Source: Midtown Comics


Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 6/1/2016

Ah, my birthday was last week and on top of aging I had to move since we sold our house.  So I opted not to blog last weekend simply because of the time constraint.  However I’m back this week with another top 10 covers and you are correct, there are no DC covers this week.  I’m not sure what they are doing over there but most of them (excluding Vertigo) were simply god awful and albeit most were for the new rebirth event, which got me thinking that quite possibly everyone is in disarray with this event, artists including so we’ll see what’s penciled out next week.

Up first is a beautifully Tula Lotay cover for 4001 AD.  I still enjoy every out-of-the-box style cover that comes out of the mind of Tula.  Following that is a rather in your face old school advertisement of Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel with the new Marvel Civil War II event.  I wonder if this even will top Mark Millar’s Civil War event that took place back in 2006-07.  Here is a wonderful interview concerning just that with Civil War II’s writer, Brian Michael Bendis.  Next up are a couple of Deadpool covers, one by Rob Liefeld and the other by Francisco Herrera.  Both have their own unique style and both are rather good but for very different reasons.  Rob Liefeld’s cover is of a more old school Deadpool, the badass Deadpool of sorts, while the latter has just a funkiness that I cannot explain but it just works.  Look at it and let me know what you think.  Of course we have Skottie Young and mind you he hasn’t been in the top 10 for  a bit so I can safely say my bias towards the artist has faded somewhat.

Next we have Miss Fury and incentive cover created by Jonathan Lau.  With the viewpoint of the cover I thought it had quite a bit of detail concerning the flood of characters caring Miss Fury.  Each and every face mask was created with thoughtfulness and care helping the illumination of life and detail creating this eye catching cover.  Next up is a rather haunting view into the world of the Punisher.  This incentive cover created by Vanesa Del Rey has this ominous undertone that creeps up on you working its way into the most dark inner parts of your mind.  If that is the case then just please review Skottie Young’s cover of Goddamned again so you can snap back to reality, rest assured I’m smiling again as well.  Next up is a cover by Yasmine Putri for Spider-Women Omega, which is a new release out from Marvel.  I find Yasmine’s artwork fascinating to look at, clean lines, color matching excellence, always a pleasure to see her work, check out her blog!  Wow, would you look at that.  Bepop and Rocksteady are in for a treat with their new mini-series or possibly more, I’m really not sure.  All I know is they are gonna mess with the time stream because you know, they have the smarts to actually do that sort of thing.  Yes, those mutant turtles are the only ones experienced enough to stop the brutes so it should be an entertaining story line to follow.  Of course with a new series release you have a bunch of variant covers, however Dustin Weaver’s subscription variant caught my eye as he actually captured the two dumb asses as looking like really fearsome bad asses.  You see how I played with those words there?  I know you are proud aren’t you, well besides that, his cover was by far the best of the bunch from that issue.  Last on our place is a cover by Eric Powell, but I decided on the pure art form of the virgin variant since it showcased the most from Mr. Powell’s artwork.

Well that wraps up another week of eye catching comic book covers.  If you feel the need to share your thoughts concerning my choices this week please do and I hope to see you back here next week.

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • 4001 AD #2 Variant Tula Lotay
  • Civil War II #1 Variant Michael Cho
  • Deadpool Vol 5 #13 Incentive Rob Liefeld Variant
  • Deadpool Vol 5 #13 Regular Francisco Herrera
  • Goddamned #4 Skottie Young Variant
  • Miss Fury Vol 3 #3 Incentive Jonathan Lau Virgin
  • Punisher Vol 10 #2 Incentive Vanesa Del Rey Variant
  • Spider-Women Omega #1 Regular Yasmine Putri
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything #1 Variant Dustin Weaver Subscription
  • Will Eisners Spirit #11 Incentive Eric Powell Virgin

Image Source: Midtown Comics

Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 5/18/2016

Hi all!  Here we are with another week of new comic book covers to drool over.  I’m also about to close on my existing house, rent an apartment for a month, and then move for a second time into our new house!  With each new day comes the dread of moving two times in the span of just under two months spells certain doom to my allotted time in life that I can spend on comic reading and writing.  I may end up missing a week here or there but rest assured to my 3 fans (…HAHAHA…3 fans…) I will eventually get back to the normal schedule for the top 10.  In fact its intriguing to look back and watch the cover progression over a time-span of a couple years now.  Plus meeting other bloggers has been an interesting facet to the overall blogging experience.  So with that here we go!

First up on my list is a cover by Jeremy Haun for Beauty.  I personally have not read anything of the series from Image Comics but the artwork definitely stands out with it’s now iconic mouth open facial cracking imagery that is now very easily recognized.  With clean lines and well colored clothing the man on the cover looks both haunting and distinguished capturing what can only be the essence of the series.  Next we have more of a shout-out to the now late Darwyn Cooke who died last week at the age of 53.  His clean yet playful lines and colorful classic takes on drawing made his work unique and easily identifiable among the ocean of artists.  Rest in peace Darwyn Cooke.  On that note, next up we have another stand out comic cover by Veronica Fish.  Love her clean lines with a beautiful overlay of bright colors that stand out from the use of an offset color outline of each image on the cover.  Another unique and favorite artist is James Harren and I see his work more notably in series published by Dark Horse than any of the other small publishers.  However he landed a variant cover job from Image Comics for a series that has taken history and made it uniquely different from it’s historical counterpart.  I love this series, Manifest Destiny, and if you ever get a chance to read it don’t miss your chance.  Chris Dingess’s take on the adventures of Lewis and Clark make for a world of fantasy intertwined with historical significance that is sure to please any historical buff or comic fan alike.  Next up we have another unique artist simply known as CAFU whose lines are both clean and also recognizable.  I’m following the 4001 A.D. Valiant event but haven’t read this issue yet so i’m not familiar with the character gracing his cover but it does remind me of a something that may have been created from spiced DNA of both Bloodshot and Rai but that’s just a guess.  I’ll just have to read the issue in order to find out.

Half way through with a lead off from Dawn McTeigue for Rem 8.  The woman is simply gorgeous, each line drawn proportionally to her overall body type, curvy in all the right ways.  I must say this is one of the better drawn women that I’ve seen on a comic book cover so kudos to Mr. McTeigue!  Aly Fell drew another beautiful cover for The Shadow Glass.  The colors may be dark but look at it long enough and you’ll see that the angel’s body has been drawn near perfect and seeing that you realize a lot of love went into making it.  Another famous artist known for his drawing style made this weeks list with Silver Surfer and what I found fascinating was that Doop had been injected into this cover on the opposite side of what seems to be a gathering of A-list superheroes.  Thought that was either significant to the book or simply odd but beyond all that I love seeing his covers when more than 3 colors are used.  Next we have an artist with a knack for drawing happy feel good drawings and her name is Yasmine Putri!  As time goes by I seem to gravitate more and more to her artwork.  Check out her blog containing tons of artwork and briefly written clip notes that can easily help one delve into the mashable mind and world that is Yasmine Putri!  Finally we have a Tank Girl comic and the anime style cover by Brett Parson reminds you of how much fun that comic can be.

Well that wraps up another week of eye catching comic book covers.  If you feel the need to share your thoughts concerning my choices this week please do and I hope to see you back here next week.

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Beauty #7 Regular Jeremy Haun
  • Dark Knight III The Master Race #1 DF Graham Crackers Exclusive Darwyn Cooke Variant
  • Goldie Vance #2 Incentive Veronica Fish Virgin Variant
  • Manifest Destiny #19 James Harren Variant
  • Rai Vol 2 #13 Variant CAFU
  • Rem 8 #1 Dawn McTeigue
  • Shadow Glass #3 Aly Fell
  • Silver Surfer Vol 7 #4 Mike Allred
  • Spider-Woman Vol 6 #7 Regular Yasmine Putri
  • Tank Girl Two Girls One Tank #1 Variant Brett Parson

Image Source: Midtown Comics

Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 5/4/2016

Back this week with another rendition of the top 10 covers that wowed me.  First off we have 2 covers from the new crossover event released by Valiant Entertainment called 4001 AD, which is centered around Rai.  First of those two covers is another CGC replica by Clayton using a little well placed crossover humor as poor Rai preps for impending onslaught of characters.  The second cover was created by a favorite artist of mine Tula Lotay.  Love the pixelated patchwork color scheme adapted to Tula’s drawing, simply amazing to look at.  Our next cover is by legendary artist Jim Lee, half a grand expensive incentive variant amazing, no joking, really, half a grand it will cost you.  I’d like to meet the person who would invest in a comic such as this and ask them why.  For the artwork?  For the simple reason that you can?  Any ways, another DC cover that made the list was by Billy Tan for Green Lantern.  I like his use of material flailing about Green Lantern.  And next we have OH MY BRAINS! Yes the Mars Attacks aliens are back in another series killing innocents for fun and the incentive variant by Alex just had an insanely well drawn brain!

Another new series out this week is the Punisher.  He’s been getting some much needed publicity from the Netflix Season 2 of Daredevil.  In my mind he’s a loose but entertaining cannon.  It will be interesting to see how he falls into the Civil War II event taking place here soon in the Marvel Universe.  Back to the cover, Alex Maleev drew a very solemn Punisher possibly contemplating next moves…but still just a bad ass.  Next up we have a cover by Jenny Frison for the Revival series.  What can I say, she is just another one of those out-of-the-box style artists and her experimentation often ends up in the wins category.  Nico Pena helps all of us, boys and girls, revive our long dormant memories of the 80’s Strawberry Shortcake with this incentive variant cover.  My sister for a time was really into Strawberry Shortcake and had that really large doll house.  With that we then have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and another Art Appreciate cover, this time of Ralph doing a bit of cosplay as Mona Lisa.  I think he’s the spiting image of Mona Lisa don’t you think?  Finally we have a cover from Boom! Studios and their new series Weavers.  I think I like this cover because the main character reminds me of the bad guy played by a then younger Fisher Stevens from the movies Hackers!

Well that wraps up another week of eye catching comic book covers.  If you feel the need to share your thoughts concerning my choices this week please do and I hope to see you back here next week.

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • 4001 AD #1 Variant Clayton Henry Valiant x CGC Replica
  • 4001 AD #1 Variant Tula Lotay
  • Dark Knight III The Master Race #4 Incentive Jim Lee Variant
  • Green Lantern Vol 5 #52 Regular Billy Tan
  • Mars Attacks Occupation #2 Incentive Alex Horley Variant
  • Punisher Vol 10 #1 Incentive Alex Maleev Variant
  • Revival #39 Jenny Frison
  • Strawberry Shortcake Vol 3 #1 Incentive Nico Pena Variant
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 5 #57 Variant Cory Smith Art Appreciation
  • Weavers #1 Regular Dylan Burnett

Image Source: Midtown Comics

Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 12/3/2014

Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 12/3/2014

Here are my choices for top comic book covers.  As always there are way to many to pick from but these definitely got my attention!

With the Thanksgiving holiday now behind us and my little hiatus concerning top comic covers it’s time to get back into the groove.  For this week there were several really outstanding covers that caught my eye.  It’s not often that we get a detailed cover from Skottie Young including full on background and that was delivered to us in the new series Marvel is launching with Angela Asgards Assassin.  Skottie Young is an amazing artist and I’m pretty much a broken record on the subject so it’s good to see more thought put into some of these Marvel Baby covers.  Another nostalgic feeling cover was from the artist Jay Shaw’s and his virgin variant cover kicking a new volume for Army of Darkeness, volume 4.

Now keep in mind I love the series Chew and it bugs me that there isn’t more talk with the series written by John Layman.  The writing is hilarious and art by Rob Guillory just makes it a fun ride, so read it.  I chuckled a bit with Green Arrow’s Brian Hitch cover.  Yes Brian did a very detailed and amazing job on that cover but two dudes falling from a building both tensioning bows for the kill, I mean bows people!  Another Alex Ross cover comes through the pipeline and this weeks Guardians is pretty nifty, reminiscent of the painted backgrounds and such of that 70s flick Flash Gordon where Queen did the soundtrack.  You wanna watch an awesomely ridiculous feelgood movie then watch Flash Gordon when you get a chance.  Here is the Amazon link to the Blu-ray.

Now this week is damned exciting in that a new Hellboy series starts with writer Mike Mignola at the helm.  The amazing 1:50 retailer incentive sketch variant is drawn by Mike as well so it looks to be another great addition to the Hellboy universe.  An oddball cover drawn by Derek Fridolfs was Looney Tunes issue #222.  Something about the Martian and Bugs just brings back Saturday morning cartoons for me.   The QR Voice variant for Rai #5 drawn by Mico Suayan made the list simply because the shading and use of light was done so well.  Finally we reach Wolf Moon, another new series by Dynamite Entertainment.  I just found the melding of the two characters on the cover mesmerizing.   Come to find out it’s another Jae Lee cover and I’m quickly becoming a Jae Lee fan; for his web site: Click Here (Jae Lee Site).  I wonder has Jae ever released an art book with various drawings he’s been commissioned to create?  Anybody?

Well, in the famous words of Porky Pig…

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Angela Asgards Assassin #1 Cover B Variant Skottie Young Baby
  • Army Of Darkness Vol 4 #1 Cover J Incentive Jay Shaw Virgin
  • Chew #45 Rob Guillory
  • Green Arrow Vol 6 #37 Brian Hitch
  • Guardians 3000 #3 Cover A Regular Alex Ross
  • Hellboy And The BPRD 1952 #1 Cover A Regular Alex Maleev
  • Hellboy And The BPRD 1952 #1 Cover B Incentive Mike Mignola 1:50 Sketch Variant
  • Looney Tunes Vol 3 #222 Derek Fridolfs
  • Rai Vol 2 #5 Cover D Variant Mico Suayan QR Voice
  • Wolf Moon #1 Cover A Regular Jae Lee

Image Source: Midtown Comics


Comic Review: Rai #1 (Valiant Entertainment)

Published by Valiant Entertainment, April 2014
Story: Matt Kindt
Art: Clayton Crain
Colors: Clayton Crain
Letterer: Alejanfro Arbona
Covers By: Clayton Crain, Bryan Hitch, Stephen Segovia, Raul Allen, Khari Evans, Trevor Hairsine, David Aja & Raul Allen


Synopsis: Valiant was founded back in 1989 by a couple Marvel guys and did well in the 90’s even though it was bought out by Acclaim Entertainment. However it was later shut down in 2004 and Valiant sat until it was resurrected in 2012.  It’s been on fire ever since releasing many of the original titles.  Rai is another title that I’ve found quite fascinating and plan on following.  Unfortunately I missed the heydays of Valiant so I’m not familiar with the first rendition of Rai.

We begin our story in the year is 4001 A.D. where Japan has expanded upwards into the stratosphere.  It appears that this nation is run my an artificial intelligence named “Father” and Rai is the sole protector of Japan.  Rai is a one-man ghost like fighting force and the people of Japan need him now more than ever since the unthinkable has happened in our utopia, the first murder in 1000 years. 

This murder was done by Raddies and not much is known of them except they are more prone to carrying out terra-attacks or killing PTs (Positronic Mindsartifical intelligence).  Seems like everyone in Japan gets a PT by age fifteen and mimic everything that is human, thus hard to tell the difference.  So a blue circle is placed on the forehead of each PT for identification purposes.  We learn a lot about the Japan’s history, the Raddies, PTs, and Rai from a young girl named Lulu.  Lulu is important to your story since she was the one that witnessed the murder.  She later meets up with Rai pointing him in the direction where the Raddies went. We learn Father has trained Rai, trained him for every possible situation that may lay ahead of Rai, except for one.

As a side note, there was something that caught my attention and that was a line that Rai was thinking to himself while confronting Spylocke.  He thought to himself “Father’s reasons are often obtuse, but over the year that I have been working for him i have trusted his infallibility.” Does that mean Rai is replaced on a scheduled basis?  I guess I can’t read too much into it but made me wonder, what did Rai do during the 1000 years of no murder?

Panel/Layout: The layout is fantasic simply because of the artwork, so damn amazing!  I mean the detail on some of these pages was awe-inspiring.  Examples were the detail from the antique gun of the mysterious man in the bar that blew himself up to the many scenes containing puddles or rain as the backdrop.  I mean it was pure eye candy, visually stunning in every way.

Verdict: Clayton Crain’s art fantastically interweaves the story together with each line drawn.  Matt Kindt’s has introduced us to the Japan of the 41st century and has personally hooked and reeled me in.  I know Valiant, like Image Comics, has been hitting them out of the park as of late and this is by far no exception.

Rating: 4/5

Office Site: Rai
Wikipedia: Rai

Comic Cover Art: Rai #1 (Valiant Entertainment)

For all you Valiant fans out there here are most, not all but most of the regular and variant covers for the launch of Valiant Entertainment’s new series Rai.  When looking at Valiant’s current series lineup, Rai stands out for me simply because of it’s uniquely futuristic Blade Runner style storyline.  Clayton Crain’s art is crazy and even though I never read the original series this relaunch had me at first page so check it out and let me now what you think!

Office Site: Rai
Wikipedia: Rai