Paul Tobin

Comic Review: Colder The Bad Seed #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Published by Dark Horse Comics, October 2014
Story: Paul Tobin
Art: Juan Ferreyra
Colors: Eduardo Ferreyra
Letterer: Nate Piekos
Covers By: Juan Ferreyra


Synopsis:  As a recap, the first series was built upon the intriguing idea that another world existing within our own plane of existence.  You could only enter this world if you new how to pass through the door.  Nimble Jack was a strange character that fed off the souls of the crazy people, which in turn devoured their minds completely.  He was attracted to crazy people because they were the most colorful and the tastiest.  He was the one that created Declan by allowing him to escape the fire that burned down the Sansid Asylym for the Criminally Insane located in Barnstable, Massachusetts around the year 1941.  Many years later Declan wakes up from a comatose state meeting his caretaker Reece.  Crazy stuff happens, Reece falls victim to a level of insanity that prompts Nimble Jack to take notice.  From there a battle ensues between Declan and Nimble Jack with Reece caught up in the middle. Declan introduces Reece and us to the The Hunger World where Nimble Jack pursues.  Any ways, even though the existence of Nimble Jack was cloudy at best Declan is a real person and as he uses his powers his body temp decreases, unlike Jack’s.  That’s an important piece of knowledge but I’m not going go into that any further.