Transformers – My Exploits at Emerald City Comicon #ECCC

I had a fun time at ECCC and was able to get around to a bunch of writers and artists on the only day I was able to attend, Friday.  It definitely took some effort kindly pushing my way through the crowds in order to strategically place my books in front of the targets!

I’ll tell ya one thing the Transformers group was an awesome bunch of guys.  Livio Ramondelli was awesome and first on my Transformers signing list.  He was totally cool with me dropping a ton of comics in front of him so they could partake in the repetitive ritual of gracing his signature across each cover.  If you get a chance to meet him at a con don’t hesitate to stop by and definitely buy his artwork, I did!

Another Transformer guy that was cool about the small pile of comics to be signed was none other than Andrew Griffith.  For me it’s always kind of embarrassing to have more than 2 comics signed by one guy only cause I feel like I’m getting something for nothing.  I could be overreacting and I’m sure most are cool with it.  Any how kudos to Andrew and yeah I also bought some of his artwork as well in the form of his newly released Sketchbook #2.  Posted some pics of a few pages from the book and he even signed it, thanks man!

Finally I was able to find Ken Christiansen and even though he isn’t one of the mainstream Transformers series artist I still wanted him to sign a couple of his retailer incentive variants he worked on.  They seem to bring back nostalgic feelings of my Transformers youth and yes, a cool guy as well!

Any ways, thanks guys for signing my small pile of books and hope the series continues for many more.  By the way Combiner Wars is killing it so keep it up!