#Comic Book Sales Figures – 2017.03

Comichron.com Sales Figures Analysis for March 2017

Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4 #25 Regular Alex Ross

Well it’s been quite a while since I blogged about stats on comic sales.  Simply put the sales figure site I reference Comichron has been going through a redesign for a while now.  It’s also been creating more historical data sets apparently going all the way back to 1995.  Now if only there was an easy way to grab the data via Microsoft Power BI or Power Query so I could break down the data on various series I personally collect.  Unfortunately screen-scraping with Power Query is still one of the only viable options and rather time consuming to say the least.  Wow, I think I’m heading off course so lets get out of data analysis from an IT perspective and chat more about this months statistics.

As you can see Marvel and DC share about half of the top 10 where Marvel takes the top spot with ASM #24.  What’s amazing to see when comparing previous years is now Image is in the top 10 and near the top consistently with their main flagship title The Walking Dead with 70,422 printed copies sent out while another top competitor Valiant Entertainment was near for their new volume to their flagship title X-O Manawar #1 with 60,524 printed copies sent out.  What I wish I could see were the reporting figures on digital downloads as that market has increased exponentially, while the printed could for comics is apparently still decreasing when compared to same month, previous year statistics.

With the reporting pause I took concerning monthly stats the one thing that really worries me are the print count numbers for the various Transformers series by IDW Publishing.  I’m a long time fan of the Transformers and where each series was near 10K+, each series now is pushing near 6K+, a rather large drop when compared to 2 years ago.  This again makes me wonder where digital sales are at.  Clearly the data is being recorded as Big Data to data centers but for someone that would like to see those stats, where or where do I venture to for that information?  If anyone out there knows, please pass along!


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