#Comic Book Update – Weekly Top 10 Covers 4.19.2017


Here are my top 10 eye catching comic book cover choices for this week.   Right off the bat you know that the talent of Jae Lee resonates with another rendition of  Jim Henson’s Power Of The Dark Crystal #2.  The fact that it was done in virgin variant form makes me almost want to buy it if I had the money on hand.  His ability to command the pencil simply amazes me and the use of color only adds to the affect.  Another seasoned veteran released a cover for Wild Storm #3, yes you know it, Jim Lee.  Another amazing artist that seems to only put out amazing pieces regardless if it’s a regular cover or some rarity for $1000 bucks. If you feel the need to share your thoughts concerning my choices please do and I hope to see you back here next week for another edition of the top 10!

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Beauty #14 Aaron Lee Kafton
  • Black Hammer #8 Regular Dean Ormston
  • Black Science #29 Variant Rafael Albuquerque & Moreno DiNisio April Fools
  • Jim Hensons Power Of The Dark Crystal #2 Incentive Jae Lee Virgin Variant
  • Jim Hensons Power Of The Dark Crystal #2 Regular Kelly Matthews & Nichole Matthews
  • Low #17 Variant Eric Powell
  • Monstress #11 Sana Takeda
  • My Little Pony Friends Forever #38 Incentive Sara Richard Variant
  • Wild Storm #3 Variant Jim Lee
  • World Reader #1 Incentive Elizabeth Torque Variant

Image Source: Midtown Comics


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