Comic Book Sales Figures for March 2016

Batman #50 Greg Capullo

Batman #50 Greg Capullo

Comic Book Sales Figures for March 2016

This month’s top 300 list Batman is back on top and I’m sure he’s happy to be there.  Batman’s total estimated sales figures are near 160K+ with none other than the first issue of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 from Boom Studios.  I’m not sure who is reading power rangers comics but judging from the near 120K estimated print count I’d say it’s more than just little kids.  To think I didn’t know adults actually liked that show or are the comics more adult oriented where as the cheesy ass show was more for the kids?  Comment below if you have some details because I’m a little curious.  As always Marvel still has a commanding presence in the top 10 with 3 of them being Star Wars related comics, the norm these days.  Now that we know Darth Vader will be ending at #25 I’m wondering what from Marvel will fill the void of the series.  I was rather disappointed when I heard the news since that is by far one of the better written series churning out of marvel these days.  Spider-Man had one and Deadpool surprising enough made it in the top 10 at over 70K estimated print count.  Any ways, there’s my brief update for March as I’m running late with this one.


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