Comic Book Sales Figures for February 2016

Comic Book Sales Figures for February 2016

This month’s top 300 list has something different about it.  Yes something very different indeed.  Can you see the difference with this list from past 300 lists?  Yes, DC Comics steals the top numeral-uno spot!  Not only that but also it has another kind of non-Batman related title in the top 10 mix with Justice League with almost 80,000 in printing.  Can this be because of the release of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice?  Well, if that movie had anything to do with it then I bet it’s gonna most likely do a 180 after the crappy reviews the movie has been receiving.  And to think I was truly excited to see this move that never did it occur to me that Zach Snyder would create a movie with no subsequent character development nor a plot that everyone could grasp on too and run with.  What a shame DC Comics and Warner Brothers, what … a … shame…

So with that little rant I suppose I should actually get to this months statistics.  So Dark Knight III: The Master Race #3 took the top spot with a total print count near 150,000.  Andy Kubert is the artist of the regular cover shown in the post.  Batman #49 took the 3rd spot with Justice League rounding out the last spot in the top 10.  The rest of the 7 spots were all taken by Marvel with the usual series like Star Wars and the Amazing Spider-man with more Deadpool than usual, potentially from the increased interest of the character after it’s very successful rated R movie release with Ryan Reynolds.  I loved it and if you haven’t seen it go, drop everything and go!


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