Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 3/23/2016

Happy Easter!

Starting off this weeks top 10 list is a rather unique and yes very rare comic from Valiant Entertainment.  This variant, created for the new Archer & Armstrong series that was just released is the brainchild of David Lafuente’s and was commissioned for the C2E2 Valiant Entertainment Beer Party.  I heard this one was kept at a 200 total print count.  It also could only be obtained by individuals attending the party.  If you where one of the lucky few that got their dirty little paws on it then poo-poo you!  However there’s still a chance to own this variant if purchased in the secondary market thriving on eBay.  But be quick about it, there won’t be many available and many have already sold.  Next up we have a classic Batman cover from Greg Capullo.  I love how he can draw an ominous shadowy figure dubbed Batman.  Next we have a cover from Ryan Bodenheim of Bloodshot in a rather degenerative state with an almost zombified appearance.  With a visual seemingly in mid disintegration the immense detail in the artwork far surpasses most covers this week.  Our next awkwardly cute cover was drawn by Michael Del  Mundo of Carnage and a little girl, the harmonizing yin-yang of the two have a comical aptitude that truly works in so many ways and yet still tugs at my heart string.  Another artist that frequents the list is none other than Amanda Conner and whether she’s drawing for DC Comics or IDW Publishing she always knows how to bring that happy-go-lucky feeling to any scene.  This week she has a variant cover for Harley Quinn, a series she’s heavily involved with.  There’s just so much fun and yes random objects flying everywhere that you have to ask yourself, how could that not just bring a slight smile to your face?

A new series out now called the Shadow Glass with cover done by Aly Fell caught my eye because of how the young beauties face was constructed, soft and calming with detail extruding out everywhere from her hair to her cape and clothing.  With an apparent crossover of sorts between the Teen Titans and Wonder Woman it seems that Phil Jimenez was given the chance for his Wonder Woman interpretation   He brings the Amazonian superhero to life with big curly black hair and a physique that I believe looks more realistic and somewhat stunning when compared to David Finch’s version.  Next up we have a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain gracing the series and Mateus Santolouco draws that villain Leatherhead in such a way foreshadowing the impending doom that most likely will catch our heroes off guard.  Oh my, oh my indeed, Meghan Hetrick drew a badass fighting machine of the green kind.  Her She-Hulk was by far one of the better interpretations of the female’s physique.  Finally, we have a cover that caught my eye mostly from the sheer brightness instilled in the color scheme.  I’m talking X-O Manowar #45 cover by Jeff Dekal and the pastel blur imagery containing our two main characters in mid fight.  Yes, that’s Ninjak in the back flying through the air.  What I love about the cover is the unique style of coloring applied to it.

Well that wraps up another week of eye catching comic book covers.  If you feel the need to share your thoughts concerning my choices this week please do and I hope to see you back here next week.

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Archer & Armstrong David Lafuente American Pale Ale C2E2 Party Variant
  • Batman Vol 2 #50 Regular Greg Capullo
  • Bloodshot Reborn Annual 2016 #1 Variant Ryan Bodenheim
  • Carnage Vol 2 #6 Regular Michael Del Mundo
  • Harley Quinn Vol 2 #26 Incentive Amanda Conner Variant
  • Shadow Glass #1 Aly Fell
  • Teen Titans Vol 5 #18 Variant Phil Jimenez Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 5 #56 Regular Mateus Santolouco
  • The Totally Awesome Hulk #4 Women of Power Variant Meghan Hetrick
  • X-O Manowar Vol 3 #45 Incentive Jeff Dekal Variant

Image Source: Midtown Comics


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