Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 3/2/2016

This week we have a relative newcomer to the list and that is artist Jay Fosgitt with his Party variant for Avengers Standoff Assault On Pleasant Hill Alpha.  I love his 50’s style take on the characters.  Very refreshing from the normal design and toddler sized characters (…sorry Skottie Young!).  Next we have a cover that showcases some gritty go get ’em for Batman And Robin Eternal #22 regular cover by Carlo Pagulayan.  Oh next is one of my favorite artist of mine Tula Lotay drawing Black Widow, love the hair.  I found Charmed Season 10 #17 by Elisa Feliz to be clean and well textured.  Every line seems to have a purpose created a clean and concise drawing where then colors with a bit of shading only adds to the beauty of this cover. Next up is a rather expensive cover by Jim Lee for Dark Knight III The Master Race #3.  This cover costs around half a grand so if you are in the market head on over to Midtown Comics where they still have and most likely will continue to have for quite some time at this price of $650, discounted by 15% for a total of $552.50.  I like the gun but that’s a lot of money.

Scott Koblish has been doing this Secret Comic variant series now since the new Deadpool volume 5 came out.  I honestly haven’t been following the mini comic that graces this special variant cover as I’ve been purchasing the regular covers.  However this one caught my eye from the 2 mini comics pics shown from past comics of old that later Deadpool variants were done just over a year ago.  He has taken those covers and expanded them into the story line of this mini comic series.  I thought it was pretty cool and might get me thinking about finding and reading the images.  Next up we have the Predator and David Palumbo captures the pure essence of this badass hunter.  Mike Norton gets into the tattooing industry with his detailed image, nice cover! Our next cover by J Scott Campbell goes totally patriotic with his Spider-Man variant rendition capturing the 75th Anniversary celebration of all things Captain America, oh including a flyby.  I mean you can’t get much more American than that!  Finally we have a freaking amazing variant cover by Steve “Kandoken” Mack for Street Fighter V depicting one of the badass leading lady characters Chun-li!

Well that wraps up another week of eye catching comic book covers.  If you feel the need to share your thoughts concerning my choices this week please do and I hope to see you back here next week.

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Avengers Standoff Assault On Pleasant Hill Alpha #1 Variant Jay Fosgitt Party Color
  • Batman And Robin Eternal #22 Carlo Pagulayan
  • Black Widow Vol 6 #1 Incentive Tula Lotay Variant
  • Charmed Season 10 #17 Elisa Feliz
  • Dark Knight III The Master Race #3 Incentive Jim Lee Variant
  • Deadpool Vol 5 #8 Variant Scott Koblish Secret Comic
  • Predator Life And Death #1 Regular David Palumbo
  • Revival #37 Mike Norton
  • Spider-Man Vol 2 #2 Incentive J Scott Campbell Captain America 75th Anniversary Variant
  • Street Fighter Unlimited #4 Incentive Kandoken Street Fighter V Game Variant

Image Source: Midtown Comics


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