Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 1/20/2016

Here are my personal choices for this weeks top 10 comic book covers.  These covers got my attention and whether being good or not deserve a moment of your viewing time, so here we go!

First off this week we have another cover by Aaron Alexovich for Big Trouble In Little China.  Another goofy interpretation of 2 of our main characters from the series most definitely deserves notice.  Next we have Clean Room #4 by Jenny Frison with her realistic approach to the human figure defines her work with utmost clarity.  She has a talent that many artists could and will never discover making her one of the standout artists of today.  Next we have a rather intriguing, yet disturbing cover from Stjepan Sejic.  Yes the woman on the right seems to be in near perfect form but the yang represents the left.  I feel it’s out of proportion, possibly rushed, and quite honestly no where near the woman’s utmost clarity on the right.  Jae Lee is up next with Devolution #1 and I’ve said this before a great many times but he is one of my favorite comic book artists.  His interpretations of the written word for both new and familiar characters astounds me.  His ability to develop a drawing style all his own benefits him in so many ways.  His creations surpass many and just goes to show what he creates is pure genius.  Next we have a bit of abstract art from artist Eduardo Francisco for the Eve Valkyrie #4 cover.

Another artist with a unique style to art is Babs Tarr.  That jolly feel with a mashup between cutsie Saturday morning cartoons and a bit of Japanese manga creates that overwhelming heart felt aura.  Another unique cover released this past week was from Marco Rudy for Silver Surfer Vol 7 #1.   It caught my eye with it’s unique coloring style, done with coloring pencils, and done rather well.  Yes credit is being given to the cover artist only because I’m unsure if he also did the coloring.  With Star Wars comes a cover by Mike Mayhew that had that painted feeling, similiar to Alex Ross.  Something about the way an artist can successfully merge the beauty in a particular frame with a bit of evil or darkness. This had some help from the colorist but the drawing by Lee Carter was done in such a way that the skulls seem to pop out like sunflowers growing in the field.  I find myself in a mesmerizing stare as my eyes gracefully scan top to bottom.  Finally in closing we have a slamming variant cover by Sean and Dave for Tokyo Ghost #5.  Unfortunately for me I pre-ordered the regular cover so I won’t be getting this rather fascinatingly detailed piece of artwork.

So that’s this weeks top 10 most fascinating, eye catching, crazy looking comic book covers that I could find.  If you see any rare variants that you plan on searching for then good luck and happy hunting!

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Big Trouble In Little China #20 Incentive Aaron Alexovich Virgin Variant
  • Clean Room #4 Jenny Frison
  • Devi Witchblade One Shot Regular Stjepan Sejic
  • Devolution #1 Incentive Jae Lee Virgin
  • EVE Valkyrie #4 Eduardo Francisco
  • Ms Marvel Vol 4 #3 Incentive Babs Tarr Variant
  • Silver Surfer Vol 7 #1 Incentive Marco Rudy Variant
  • Star Wars Vol 4 #15 Regular Mike Mayhew
  • Sunflower #3 Lee Carter
  • Tokyo Ghost #5 Sean Murphy & Dave McCaig

Image Source: Midtown Comics

*** So, do you agree with my choices?  Feel free to share your thoughts. ***


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