Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 10/28/2015

Here are my personal choices for this weeks top 10 comic book covers.  These covers got my attention and whether being good or bad are deserving of your attention as well, so here we go!

Well to start out this week we have a rather dark seductive looking cover by Julian Totino Tedesco for a new series called Angela Queen of Hel.  I haven’t really been following Angela much since her controversial introduction into the Marvel universe after being an important figure in the beginning days of Spawn over an at Image Comics but this one I might just pick up.  Francesco Francavilla seems to be elevating the covers that grace his hand with more and more detail. I’m not sure what has changed this past year but I do enjoy it.  Please do try and keep this trend up.  Another cover that caught my eye just from the look and feel was this weeks Fight Club 2 and it’s use of the negative filter.  Now I did enjoy reading Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos so this cover and story caught me a bit by surprise.  To think they will allow Dum Dum Dugan to command his group along with the group of mythical creatures in a new uncanny of sorts avengers style group definitely sounds intriguing.  I’ll need to set aside some time to read this even if it doesn’t last very long.  Paolo Pantalena created several pieces of artwork this week for Oniba Swords of the Demon that must have taken him a long time to draw.  Another masterful portrait was for Prez #5 drawn by Ben Caldwell.

Mike Norton created a viewing angle that most artists can never get right.  The simple but complex view of the reader looking up at the character.  Yet our main character looks very real and proportionally correct making this a winner in my book any day.  James Harren has made the list in the past and with Halloween this past weekend well, I really enjoyed his full color version of the trick-or-treaters with haunts in the background.  Most times his covers are with limited color and definitely NOT CUTE like this one is.  Now I’ve seen many different renditions of the turtles gang from Eastman to whacky and then to flat out horrible but Ken Garing went back to the roots and created 4 turtle images that almost fall in line with my favorite Turtles TV show back when I was a kid where the 4 are shown at the end of the intro song.  Yeah I know, what’s the appeal of that you ask?  Well I was an avid watcher of the show and well this version looks good, not to gritty but not too cartoony.   Proportions look great, not to square, but not to bulky either, just right.  A new series out this week is none other than a intriguing Wes Craven series and Francesco Biagini creates a very appealing adaptive cover to  the king of scary.  Two covers of this identical artwork exist, the other is in black and white thus harder to find so good luck.

So that’s this weeks top 10 most fascinating, eye catching, crazy looking comic book covers that I could find.  If you see any rare variants that you plan on searching for then good luck and happy hunting!

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Angela Queen Of Hel #1 Regular Julian Totino Tedesco
  • Black Hood Vol 3 #6 Regular Francesco Francavilla
  • Fight Club 2 #6 Variant Duncan Fegredo
  • Howling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 Regular Brent Schoonover
  • Oniba Swords Of The Demon #0 Variant Paolo Pantalena
  • Prez Vol 2 #5 Ben Caldwell
  • Revival #34 Mike Norton
  • Rumble #8 James Harren
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 5 #51 Regular Ken Garing
  • Wes Cravens Coming Of Rage #1 Variant Ultra Rare Bloody White Collectors Edition Francesco Biagini

Image Source: Midtown Comics

*** So, do you agree with my choices?  Feel free to share your thoughts. ***


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