Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 9/16/2015

Here are my personal choices for this weeks top 10 comic book covers.  These covers got my attention and whether being good or bad are deserving of your attention as well, so here we go!

First off we have a creepy looking zombified cover from 68 Last Rites by artist Jay Fotos.  Not to read too much into this but it does look quite a bit like a photo, Mr. Fotos!  Next we have an amazing artist, Ben Templesmith who’s quickly become an all-time favorite of mine.  He was the artist on a past series Ten Grand published by Image or better yet imprint Joe’s Comics.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the 15 comic series Ten Grand I advise you to check it out.  I’m pretty confident you won’t be disappointed.  Another cover  that intrigued me was Bloodshot reborn by Garry Brown.  I found it rather amusing since it’s a play off of the famous Arnold Swartzenager film, Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  Oh man, next give it up for the man who’s both an amazing artist and talented writer, Mike Mignola.  Can you hear the crowd cheering?  This week he graced us with his presence by creating the variant cover for B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #135.  I met him at last years ECCC and got a ton of stuff signed by him, really nice guy.

Now this week I did pick an odd ball comic that I probably wouldn’t have noticed but since Nei Ruffino was the artist I had to take a look.  His Critter #1 variant was super clean, like all his covers, and stood out even though it’s a dark colored cover.  Another cleanly done cover was by Mike Deodato Jr. for Guardians Of Knowhere #4.  If you stare at it long enough you’ll notice that every line seems to be perfectly drawn.  If he did this entire cover freehand then it’s by far one of the best covers I’ve seen and should take the top spot this week.  Another fascinating cover was done by Dustin Weaver for Infinity Gauntlet Vol 2 #4.  I say fascinating because there is so much going on that even the colorist must have had a tough time weeding out every aspect of depth being played out.  Everything looks proportional spot on making it another tough cover to beat.

Next we have a special treat that I myself am very excited to read and that’s the new cyberpunk futuristic series Tokyo Ghost drawn by none other than Sean Murphy.  Now he did 2 covers this week for the new series and quite honestly I couldn’t just add one and leave the other out.  Both looked stunning and simply put, both deserved the list this week.  Finally we have another familiar artist Eric Powell and his marvelous take on the Spirit.  It has a very classic feel to it pleasing to the eyes.

So that’s this weeks top 10 most fascinating, eye catching, crazy looking comic book covers that I could find.  If you see any rare variants that you plan on searching for then good luck and happy hunting!

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • 68 Last Rites #2 Jay Fotos
  • Beauty #2 Ben Templesmith
  • Bloodshot Reborn #6 Variant Garry Brown
  • BPRD Hell On Earth #135 Variant Mike Mignola
  • Critter Vol 3 #3 Incentive Nei Ruffino Variant
  • Guardians Of Knowhere #4 Regular Mike Deodato Jr. (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
  • Infinity Gauntlet Vol 2 #4 (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In) Dustin Weaver
  • Tokyo Ghost #1 Regular Sean Murphy
  • Tokyo Ghost #1 Variant Sean Murphy
  • Will Eisners Spirit #3 Incentive Eric Powell Virgin

Image Source: Midtown Comics

*** So, do you agree with my choices?  Feel free to share your thoughts. ***


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