Comic Book Sales Figures for July 2015

Secret Wars #4

Secret Wars #4

Comic Book Sales Figures for July 2015

This month shows us that with the news that DC Comics is down 2 million for the year it seems that the DC lineup will be changing in order to better compete with Marvel.  It’s also said that DC senior executives have ordered the DC editors to go back to the “meat and potatoes.”  As you can see Marvel has been holding the top 10 hostage and DC has not been able to do much about that.  Their only bread winner for DC was Batman holding out in the top 5 spot.  Marvel won out big yet again taking the rest of the top 10 for the month.  We also see the major Secret Wars event taking the top spot with issue #4 with over 200,000 copies.   Marvel’s Civil War #1 issue and series also seems to be picking up.  Along with the Star Wars line that has had at least 1 issue consistently in the top 10 has provided sunshine and rainbows for the folks at Marvel.  Poor DC…it’s ok, just go back to the way it was and you’ll regain your foothold, not.  Get your movie universe situated…seriously!


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