Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 7/22/2015

Here are my personal choices for this weeks top 10 comic book covers.  These covers got my attention and whether being good or bad are deserving of your attention as well, so here we go!

Another week has gone by and yes there’s another rather ridiculous looking but somewhat amusing cover that just needed to be apart of my top 10.  This first cover made the list more because of the massive cult following that has centered around the movie Sharknado.  If any of you have seen the first movie then you know where I’m going with this. Seemingly ridiculous but laughable beyond ones own comprehension and it appears that Archie has been blown into the shark tank that…is…Sharknado.  By the way, the 4th Sharknado movie has been green lit for production.  Next off we have a Tom Fowler variant cover for the new Valiant Book of Death event, Fall of Bloodshot.  I met Tom Fowler at this past Emerald City Comicon.  Nice fellow, talked about some recent commissions for the Valiant universe that I owned so I thought that was pretty cool.  Any ways, another cover that looked a bit odd but had that needed humorous aspect was David Mack’s Fight club cover.

I honestly felt like it was slim pickings this week.  There were a lot of choices to rummage through but not a lot that really stood out as unique and eye catching.  So with that my next cover I was a bit torn on.  Infinite Loop #4 by Gerald Parel is a great cover and I loved the way he drew the facial features of the woman but a part of me wanted to skip over because of the way the body torqued.  It didn’t look all that natural to me but well, you can decide if was deserving or now.  Next we have a favorite artist of mine, Emanuela Lupacchino.  Usually I have nothing but praise concerning any cover her hands graces but this weeks John Carter variant cover struck me as odd.  When I saw it all I could think was man she’s got tits for days.  Yes I said it, sorry for being so blunt.  Not sure what happened there but the cover was sold out so I can’t imagine that being a bad thing.  Next in Old Man Logan #3 I love the way Andrea Sorrentino Drew the infamous character.  With his face and body mostly hidden in shadow she creates this ominous feeling for what is to come.

Another favorite artist of mine comes from the Transformer universe and that amazing guy is Andrew Griffith.  Now he knows how to draw Transformers but in this cover I’m stumped in that I don’t recall Soundwave having wheels, ever.  Now Soundwave and Blaster did have a vehicle form in a particular toy line tying to the Transformers Fall of Cybertron line but I can’t remember him having wheels in any other toy line.  Wait he was a plane as well but if we are talking about the current IDW series I’m not all that sure he has wheels.  Please correct me if I’m wrong but other than that, Andrew rules!  That will never change for me.  Jae Lee fascinates us with yet another amazing piece of art work with a virgin variant for Vampirella Army of Darkness.  Next Nick Pitarra, the artist known for Image series The Manhattan Projects, breaks out his rather unique talent for Weirdworld #2.  For our final cover we have a cutsie cover that I found funny and worth mentioning.  Created by Ben Caldwell for the DC cover event Teen Titans Go!, this is an alternate cover for Wonder Woman #42.

So that’s this weeks top 10 most fascinating, eye catching, crazy looking comic book covers that I could find.  If you see any rare variants that you plan on searching for then good luck and happy hunting!

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Archie vs Sharknado One Shot Variant Robert Hack
  • Book Of Death Fall Of Bloodshot #1 Incentive Tom Fowler Variant
  • Fight Club 2 #3 Regular David Mack
  • Infinite Loop #4 Variant Gerald Parel Subscription
  • John Carter Warlord Of Mars Vol 2 #9 Incentive Emanuela Lupacchino Virgin
  • Old Man Logan #3 Regular Andrea Sorrentino
  • Transformers Vol 3 #43 Regular Andrew Griffith
  • Vampirella Army Of Darkness #1 Rare Jae Lee Virgin
  • Weirdworld #2 Incentive Nick Pitarra Variant
  • Wonder Woman Vol 4 #42 Variant Ben Caldwell Teen Titans Go!

Image Source: Midtown Comics

*** So, do you agree with my choices?  Feel free to share your thoughts. ***


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