Comic Book Sales Figures for May 2015

Secret Wars #1

Secret Wars #1

Comic Book Sales Figures for May 2015

With print sales estimated at around half a million copies it goes to say that Marvel’s ambition to not only surpass DC Comics but literally crush them with event after event well, it’s been working.  Either DC has been asleep at the wheel or their events just don’t cut it anymore.  With only 2 covers in the top ten and related to their own event Convergence, I feel like DC has been struggling as of late.  Without movies to fuel their character’s influence over the print and download market and only a couple TV shows to boost stats on non leading characters I feel like DC needs to wake up.  Too long have they been at the top with Batman and other related series.  Now what Marvel is doing and doing well is flooding the market with multiple story lines, seen clearly with this new Secret Wars event.  With Battleworld and everything else surrounding the remnants of the multiverse there seems to be an overwhelming amount of material.  Personally this has driven me away from most of Marvel’s lines but hey, seems to be winning out with the rest of the populous.   I personally have only read the Deadpool material and yes Cullen Bunn has been working on that, really good material.

Now one comic I did see in the top 10 for the month that I didn’t see coming was from Boom! Studios.  Thanks to that month’s Loot Crate, Bravest Warriors Tales from the Holo John sold over a half a million copies coming in our number 2 spot.  Secret Wars #2 came in at 3 and Star Wars still strong in our number 4 spot.  The rest are Marvel lines relating to the massive event.  It will be nice to see what happens after this rather lengthy culmination of past events wrapped up in one big finale to see what happens with Marvel’s universe.   Like I said last month, it will be nice when these events end, don’t you think?


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