Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 6/24/2015

Here are my personal choices for this weeks top 10 comic book covers.  These covers got my attention and whether being good or bad are deserving of your attention as well, so here we go!

This week we see the continuation of DC Comics’  celebration variant cover event for The Joker 75th Anniversary and with that lands 2 on my top 10 list.  First was Walter Simonson’s rather ingenious way of incorporating the Joker’s iconic image into an underwater scene for Aquaman issue #41.  Smiling sharks just make ya wanna laugh, am I right?  The other was Karl Kerschl’s Superman cover with the odd couple in what seems to be a rather intriguing fantasy the Joker could actually dream up.  Next we have one of the best looking covers to come around in a while and that was Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic’s Ninjak cover.  The deadly red head looks utterly beautiful, drawn to perfection with every curve.  Planet Hulk’s cover jumped out at me while cruising over the cover selection list.  I think it was just done really well with that extra little love added to the scene.  Each character was cleanly drawn and proportions were to scale.

I’ve been enjoying a lot of Siya Oum’s covers as of late and Psycho Bonkers was no exception, plus the title is pretty nifty as well.  Spread almost went anime on me this week and if only right?  What a cool concept if done looking more like Japanese Anime.  I still love the overall work as I’m reading the series but the cover just got me thinking…what if?  Suiciders had another detail oriented cover.  Yeah it’s of an arm but really, look at the thing, hell the shading is even spot on so yeah, kudos to Lee Bermejo for that piece of art.

I’m a huge Transformers fan and I haven’t seen much of Naoto Tsushima’s work but I hope to now after seeing his interpretation of Windblade.  With the curves in the face she almost has an Aztec thing going on around her face and head piece.  One of the most feminine drawings of Windblade done well so far, and I’d like to mention again…done well.  Lastly two X-Men ’92 covers made the list for vary different reasons.  The first was Pepe Larraz’s flashback cover of the group with a slightly modern touch; Jubilee’s rocking the pink glasses.  The other was Skottie Young’s interpretation of the group, cute yes but I like his baby group pictures; again Jubaliee looks awesome!

So that’s this weeks top 10 most fascinating, eye catching, crazy looking comic book covers that I could find.  If you see any rare variants that you plan on searching for then good luck and happy hunting!

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Aquaman Vol 5 #41 Variant Walter Simonson The Joker 75th Anniversary
  • Ninjak Vol 3 #4 Regular Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
  • Planet Hulk #2 Yildiray Cinar Incentive Variant
  • Psycho Bonkers #2 Variant Siya Oum
  • Spread #8 Kyle Strahm & Felipe Sobreiro
  • Suiciders #5 Lee Bermejo
  • Superman Vol 4 #41 Variant Karl Kerschl The Joker 75th Anniversary
  • Transformers Windblade Combiner Wars #4 Incentive Naoto Tsushima Variant
  • X-Men 92 #1 Regular Pepe Larraz
  • X-Men 92 #1 Variant Skottie Young Baby

Image Source: Midtown Comics

*** So, do you agree with my choices?  Feel free to share your thoughts. ***


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