Comic Book Review: Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars (Marvel)

Published by Marvel, May 2015
Story: Cullen Bunn
Art: Matteo Lolli
Colors: Ruth Redmond
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Covers By: Tony Harris, John Tyler, Nick Ganzin, Skottie Young, and others…

Synopsis: So when I heard that Marvel was doing another crazy mega event concerning centered around the end result of the Multiverse I was like…another one?  I hope this is it because seriously this entire storyline has become so damn confusing that I honestly do not have a clue what is really going on.  Now this Secret Wars was done before, back in the 80’s and just like all fads, they end up resurfacing when the idea pool has all dried up.  Enter Deadpool, I’m a huge fan of the character and usually love most stories he partakes in.  When I heard he had a take on this storyline, the one done back in the 80s I was sold.  The premise is just this…taken directly from the book…”Back in 1985, all the big heroes were taken to space for a Secret War and her’s what REALLY happened!”  Yes, written by yours truly so lets jump on board with our first issue.

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1 - AWe start out with Deadpool all alone and apparently the only survivor out of the lot of superheros in the Secret Wars storyline.   We see the entire universe gather together, like the old storyline, avengers, x-men, fantastic four, and so on.  Then we see our jester Deadpool inject himself in every aspect of the groups gathering.  Joke after joke I found myself chuckling and I think it works so well because we are dealing with current Deadpool as he interacts with old school 80s heroes as they were in the 80s.  “The colors man! The colors! I am so totally tripping right now!”  I mean they go from whacked out humor to the more personal jokes. “I feel like if I were in your dream Thor, there’d be a lot more goats.” to  “Somebody tell me this station’s got a little boy’s room.”  Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1 - CAnd yes I know you are thinking those are some lame ass jokes but it’s the context they are placed in that make any Deadpool joke funny.  What’s happening around Deadpool is somewhat surreal as a great booming voice states that all whom slay their enemies shall have whatever they desire.  Deadpool on the other hand is worried about a little boys room.  Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1 - DHowever his schizophrenia personality disorder naturally helps him switch gears and he’s ready and willing to slice and dice any and all that stand in his way.  So you can see with that layer spread on and the fact it’s based on the 80s version of Secret Wars makes for a hilarious stew of Deadpool goodness.  Cullen Bunn does a wonderful job at getting Deadpool in everyone’s face for a wisecrack.  Even old school Wolverine’s not immune to the Deadpool having his fare share of interaction between the Merc and what almost appears as an inner voice of sorts serving the scene Wolverine is placed in.  No superhero of the past is too good or too popular for Deadpool to pass as he tackles his joke creating ability on each of them while each hero defers to the next for group leadership.  Finally Captain America is nominated taking the leadership role after a couple of pages and while Wolverine doesn’t like the idea Deadpool again steps in to calm the wild animal stating that he’s the man and part of the institution.  Don’t mess with the man…man!

We seem to have several flash forwards in this book of the now alone cindered Deadpool describing the events that led to his state.  “…We actually believed we stood a fighting chance!”.  Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1 - EDuring the heavy hitting battle he even seems to get She-Hulk and another Asgardian like character for a subtle threesome agreement, at least in his mind no rejection was given.  So you can see that no superhero or villain is spared by the wisecracks unleashed from Deadpool’s mouth.  Not even the villains have been spared providing each new villain scene with comical Deadpool humor that melds well to the ass kicking that follows soon after.  Deadpool uses his two swords with ease with the final blow given from the mouth.  Not one villain stood a chance against Deadpool, not a power absorbing crazed lunatic nor a future seeing blind fool can take down the Merc.   Any ways, with all that we still flash forward to Deadpool alone and apparently he has something going for him that he can use to win this entire thing.

Don’t forget, the bonus round for the B characters was a hoot.  I enjoyed that immensely and I think you will to.  It’s just like a cheesy dance-off.  GO DOOP!!!  I swear Doop looks better and better with each story his green little body is presented in.

Panel/Layout:  As for the layout the book has a few large spreads of the superheros but overall a normal layout from Marvel.  Each panel flows well and even though the colors are limited, perhaps because they kept with the 80s feel, it still seems to work overall.  After all you only really need to have the Where’s Deadpool red to keep you engaged.  So many yellow bubbles to read but that did not hinder the action on each panel.  It only added to the already unique dynamic today’s Deadpool was placed in throughout the 80’s storyline.

Verdict: Overall I enjoyed this comic and I plan on reading this over anything else being released under the title of Secret Wars.  I may be a dunce when it comes to the Secret Wars event but Deadpool, I think I know a thing or two and I had a fun time with this.  So far Cullen Bunn has delivered a stunning take on our past 80s Secret Wars and I look forward to the upcoming issues.  It would be nice to find out how the heck Mr. Bunn dreamed this idea up.  After all I haven’t always enjoyed his Deadpool stories but this one, this one does take the cake and it tastes damn good.  I hope he sticks to this very acute formula that makes for a winning Deadpool story.

Rating: 5/5

Office Site: Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars


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