Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 5/13/2015

Here are my personal choices for this weeks top 10 comic book covers.  These covers got my attention and whether being good or not, are deserving of your attention as well.

Another week has gone by and my birthday is right around the corner!  Time is literally speeding along like a bullet train with no stops, life flashing before my eyes.  Fabulous, glad that’s out of the way.  Any ways, this weeks set of covers was again bloated by the Convergence event over at DC while Marvel’s Secret Wars event is picking up speed with issue #2 and all associated tie-ins.

Our first cover is the Auteur Sister Bambi from Oni Press, the publisher may be small but it is awesome!  James did a fantastic job with the detail inside the skull.  Love Sean’s depiction of our two main characters pose in a Lethal Weapon movie style poster.   Somehow a Convergence cover made it into the top 10.  I felt it deserved it as the characters look anatomically correct and the color was done well too, kudos to Tony Daniel.  Darick Robertson did a sick cover for Judge Dredd.  Too bad I’m not reading it as I wonder if the artwork within is that badass.  Another amazing cover was for the first issue of Lantern City, retailer incentive by Dave Dorman. With immense detail and imagination I feel like this stood out as one of the best this week.  Tula Lotay did a great job on her abstract virgin variant this week for Project Superpowers Blackcross.  Jay Anacleto must have spent a long time on this cover and I wish I found out the colorist as they must have put some time into it as well, so eye catching, like the Lantern City cover, great detail and color.

Saga has been around for a couple years now and with issue 28 I can safely say that Fiona Staples artwork is very consistent with each issue and she is an amazing artist, one of the best in my mind.  With Brian K. Vaughan still at the helm I’ll be reading this one until the end.  I’m not much of a Spider-Man fan and yeah maybe I’m in the minority group but just never caught on for me.  I think the only time it did was when he was in the New Avengers written by Brian Michael Bendis.  Speaking of I’ve owned the first volume of the New Avengers Omnibus and yeah, still waiting for Omnibus volume 2 Marvel, any day would be great for me!  Veering off the path a bit here, with Spider-Man comes this weeks 2099 issue and Will Sliney did wonders with that cover.  The intricate detail of each line drawn adds to the overall affect in combination with the right amount of color and shadowing, stand out cover no doubt.  Finally we come to a uniquely drawn Storm, not sure what’s happening in the series but the cover states punk!

Any ways, that’s this weeks top 10.  If you plan on searching for any of the rare ones good luck and happy hunting!

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Auteur Sister Bambi #1 Regular James Callahan
  • Chrononauts #3 Variant Sean Murphy
  • Convergence #6 Variant Tony S Daniel Cover
  • Judge Dredd Classics Dark Judges #5 Regular Darick Robertson
  • Lantern City #1 Incentive Dave Dorman Virgin Variant
  • Project Superpowers Blackcross #3 Incentive Tula Lotay Virgin
  • Red Sonja Vultures Circle #3 High-End Jay Anacleto Virgin Art Ultra-Limited Variant
  • Saga #28 Fiona Staples
  • Spider-Man 2099 Vol 2 #12 Will Sliney
  • Storm Vol 3 #11 Victor Ibanez

Image Source: Midtown Comics



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