Comic Book Sales Figures for March 2015

Princess Leia #1

Princess Leia #1

Comic Book Sales Figures for March 2015

With print sales estimated at around 250,000 it goes to say that regardless what series comes out from Marvel, Star Wars is winning big!  Seems like the masses are hungry for stories concerning a galaxy far far away.  I know this is a 4 or 5 book miniseries but it may turn into something more if print counts remain high.  Seems like the Darth Vader miniseries has now moved into the ongoing realm, at least for what I can see on the Diamond ordering sheets.  The Darth Vader miniseries was initially 6 books but you can now preorder issues #7.  I’ve been following all 3 and so far have enjoyed each of them in their own way.  The flagship series Star Wars has all the action and suspense you need to keep you going while Darth Vader is a lot about soul searching, back stabbing, and shadow lurking among things that our favorite master of evil has found himself in.  Princess Leia seems to be more about someone soul searching but more importantly finding a place in the rebellion’s job description other than just being a pretty figure head.  Any ways, all are great and should entertain the masses for a while.

It’s amazing to see all 3 series in the top 8 at which Marvel holds all 8 positions.  DC Comics first and only issue in the top 10 was Batman Arkham Knight #1 taking the number 9 spot.  I guess we’ll see what the coming months brings Marvel in the way of print sales as we see more and more Star Wars hype.  Will Marvel stay on top, only time and movie release announcements will tell.


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