Chrononauts #1 – Signed by Sean Gordon Murphy (Midtown Comics)

Chrononauts #1

Chrononauts #1

Chrononauts #1 (1st Print) Signed by Sean Gordon Murphy

Another Midtown Comics signing with none other than Sean Gordon Murphy who’s an artist that’s been on fire as of late.  You should check out his Deviant Art site if you get a chance.  He has a bunch of old and upcoming covers for Chrononauts and past series.  I’ve read some reviews where praise is all they could offer for new new series he is coauthor on with Mark Millar.  I’ve also read some dismal reviews comparing it to nothing new and exciting, been done before, time travel, peeps with blond hair, made for Universal to pick up as a movie.

Any ways, I just read it and while the content has been done before and yeah the scientists are typical alpha males that seemingly can Macgyver the crap outta anything in a matter of minutes and still make out with the girl, it still was a fun ride.  There are aspects to the book that are worth exploring and with the placement of our main characters in the timeline it looks to be a fun ride.  Hell if they move through the centuries and create scenes that lead up to potential movie ideas done in real life (Back to the Future…saw an upcoming cover) then kudos to them!

Reference: Midtown Comics!


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