Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 4/1/2015

Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 4/1/2015

Here are my choices for top comic book covers.  As always there are way to many to pick from but these definitely got my attention!

Patrick Zircher is an artist that can draw both consistently and with immense detail dazzling the eyes.  I’m a big fan of his X-O Manowar variants he has and most likely will do in the future for Valiant Entertainment.  Definitely an artist whose work I look forward to.  Next we have a rather disturbing depiction of Garfield done up by Frazer Irving.  All I can say is kudos to thinking a little outside the box with his deviant mannered cat.  Amanda Conner creates a 3 cover view of our crazed Harley Quinn with Dynamite, always fun to see chaos spun around the character.  Yes, Skottie Young made the list, again, but for good reason cause unlike the ever famous Marvel Baby covers this one has a lightsaber in it, and who doesn’t like those two mixed up?!?!

Pulling away from the norm or rather picking a cover who’s main character is barely clothed makes this weeks top 10, I mean she’s barely clothed but a badass none the less.  Another unusual cover was done by Sara Richard and is the variant cover for My Little Pony series published by IDW.  Reminds me of an awesome movie that recently came out called The Book of Life, go rent it.  I even linked up the official trailer of the film for you!

Riley Rossmo was at the ECCC convention I attended recently, awesome guy and this weeks variant cover is by him for the Nailbiter series also an awesome cover.  Leandro Fernandez did an amazing cover for the Names series by Vertigo.  Jae Lee also made the list, again, but come on, his Wonder Woman variant cover freaking rocked!  And finally another cover breaking from the norm was Zombie Fairy Tales Snow White and the Seven Zombies.  I mean go Antarctic Press for that one and I hate zombie books.

Any ways, that’s this weeks top 10 and if you are searching for any of the rare ones good luck and happy hunting!

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Convergence #0 Incentive Patrick Zircher Variant
  • Garfield #36 Incentive Frazer Irving Virgin Variant
  • Harley Quinn Vol 2 #16 Incentive Amanda Conner Right Hand Variant
  • Kanan The Last Padawan #1 Variant Skottie Young Baby
  • Lady Death Apocalypse #3 Wraparound
  • My Little Pony Fiendship Is Magic #1 Sombra Incentive Sara Richard Twilight Sparkle Variant
  • Nailbiter #11 Riley Rossmo
  • Names #8 Leandro Fernandez
  • Wonder Woman Vol 4 #40 Incentive Jae Lee Variant
  • Zombie Fairy Tales Snow White And The Seven Zombies One Shot

Image Source: Midtown Comics



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