Comic Book Sales Figures for January 2015

Star Wars Vol 4 #1 1.1 John Cassaday Standard

Star Wars Vol 4 #1 1.1 John Cassaday Standard

Comic Book Sales Figures for January 2015

With the new year brings a major change in the Star Wars universe.  To the point, Marvel is not behind the publishing from it’s acquisition of the publishing license from Dark Horse Comics thanks in part due to the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm for 4 Billion.  So this week Marvel’s new series Star Wars issue 1 made the top spot in one of the most dramatic print count kind of ways.  The estimated print count almost hit 1 million copies, which sounds a little insane but I recently posted all of the Star Wars #1 Variant Covers 1 recently and judging from that post I can believe the estimated count.  I also read the first issue and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the writing and artwork.  I mean I literally felt like I had picked up right after the first movie Star Wars: A New Hope (…wait, you know what I mean, movie IV in the series, but really the first one).  Princess Leia was rock solid and Han not far behind with their bantering, it was definitely an enjoyment to read.  I hope Marvel keeps that up as it has very large shoes to fill in my eyes.  Dark Horse brought an amazing selection of series to the expanded universe that no doubt will always hold a place in my heart as the real expanded Star Wars universe.

The rest of the top spots were held by Batman and the Amazing Spider-Man but that’s what usually happens every month right?  So no need to chat about that!


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