Comic Mini-Series Review: Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0-4 (Marvel 2015)

Published by Marvel, Starting in September 2014
Story: Gerry Duggan
Art: Matteo Lolli
Colors: Chistiane Peter
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Covers By: James Harren & Jordie Bellaire

Deadpool Wiki Site

With the huge success around the Deadpool and the Deadpool vs. mini-series Marvel has ushered in a constant Deadpool related story for the past 2 years now.  Along with the release of new mini-series there has been a constant influx of goofy Deadpool comic relief covers depicting either Deadpool mocking himself or the related characters involved with the story in some obscene scenario.  Deadpool has become a household name guaranteeing him a revolving door of topnotch writers.

Synopsis: It’s Halloween night and our story opens up too a man whom appears to have grown a conscience; wouldn’t you if you had a cat named Pickles?  The neighborhood kids trick-or-treating speak of a mysterious house where an avenger (shoots arrows) lives.  Legend has it he actually hands out full-sized candy bars!  As a kid you always wanted to score the full-sized candy bars!  HawkeyeVsDeadpool-1-ABut alas those kids are sorely disappointed when they discover full-sized has been replaced with fun-sized candy treats.  Enter Deadpool (Dadpool) sporting his custom Deadpool costume.  We get the usual banter from Deadpool and some funny interactions between the two main characters.  The nameless dude with the cat named Pickles has the door slammed in his face by Hawkeye.  He later runs into Deadpool and tosses in the candy picked up from Hawkeye’s place, including the mysterious thumb drive.  HawkeyeVsDeadpool-1-BHe later winds up toast at the hands of what appears to be a brainwashed guy dressed up in a Punisher constume.  This leads into a very humorous action scene as the two fight off the rough Punisher and Dare Devil imposters.  “No! No shooting Hawkeye!  He can’t regeneration…”  Later as they continue the hunt for the other guy the two start talking.  It’s interesting to see the interaction between the two as I felt a little hopeful that Hawkeye would find something charming about Deadpool potentially growing up a bit from being a dad.  HawkeyeVsDeadpool-1-CHowever Deadpool’s legendary mouth just has a way of rubbing off on people so it appears the two won’t be best buds, at least to start.  I was wondering if we’d get a Deadpool more like the one developed by Rick Remender near the end of the Uncanny X-Force series.  Anyways, we later learn the name of the hacker guy from the beginning of the book and what was on that thumb drive.  Let me tell you it wasn’t good…say Mission Impossible not good, damn NOC list always getting out!  The last page provides us with our villain and she is beautiful.  She even has an army of drones at her disposal!

With book 2 we begin to see in greater depth the teams adversary concerning her enterprising plans around her recent mind control sHawkeyeVsDeadpool-2-Atart-up.  She springs additional help such as the mutant powered Typhoid Mary but Deadpool and Hawkeye are still left with little clues as to how to proceed, hence they regroup over at Hawkeye’s place.  Enter Kate, with her quick thinking decides to nail Deadpool in hopes of saving Hawkeye.  Little did she know that at this point the two are actually partaking in a odd couple style team-up.  Part of the enjoyment surrounding this series is the rather odd but funny little wise cracks exchanged between our heroes.  Deadpool does a lot of reacting to the various scenarios that Gerry Duggan place him in.  HawkeyeVsDeadpool-2-BI feel like he practically nails it every time resulting in a well deserved laugh; definitely no cheap imitations here.  Without the usual senseless jokes we’ve come to expect from Deadpool, instead we receive with open arms well placed comical catch phrases that truly add to the overall enjoyment of each book.  The fact that you would ever hear Deadpool utter the words “You thinking what I’m thinking?” in conjunction with Hawkeye’s reply of “Unfortunately yeah” is laughable at best because we all know that ain’t happening.  Especially when seeing the outcome of that scene Deadpool is many klicks away from thinking the same thought as Hawkeye.  It did keep me chuckling with each consecutive page turn.   Through leads found by our new team member Kate and the group our heroes find the source of the brainwashed superhero look-a-likes.  As you could imagine all hell breaks loose and Clint finally makes that eye to eye contact confirmation that Black Cat is the one they are in fact looking for.

First off can I say that I loved the cover of the third book.  No words, just the two of them sitting in a state of hurt.  With this book Shield enters the picture filling in a few gaps of the story.  Each faction meet up in Times Square for a supposed planned drop-off of the, can I call it the NOC list.  Any ways, the planned entrapment backfires and with arrows a flying, telekinesis powers erupting, a nice little fight scene takes place. HawkeyeVsDeadpool-3-B Since the plan was an epic failure Clint and Kate reluctantly head over to Deadpool’s place to again regroup and play some video games while Deadpool checks in with his contacts.  Love how the team can let their guard down and just have a little fun.  Again we see more of that team humor as we delve into what others see and hear outside “the Deadpool box” in the source of he said, she said stories and rumors centered around the life of the famously insane merc.   HawkeyeVsDeadpool-3-CEven good old Ben Franklin’s ghost shows up, you remember Ben from the first story arc right?  When Deadpool was relaunched during the Marvel NOW event he got to fight a bunch of dead presidents.  Ben was one of the good guys helping out Deadpool.  He was pretty awesome, you know…for a dead guy.  Check out the first arc if you haven’t yet.  He always did have a way with the ladies.  Yet no matter how many times the two state they need to dump Deadpool as their sidekick something always came up reeling him back in with the group. HawkeyeVsDeadpool-3-D Poor Deadpool though, he never really got the title of an Avenger.  I mean the best team he has ever been on was the original Uncanny X-Force, and well maybe when he teamed up with Cable.  The book leaves us with the discovery of the cat and thumb drive over at the old ladies apartment.  This led to the surprise ending with our honorable hero Hawkeye and the fact that he too had succumbed to the brainwashing.  That must be why book 2 left us with a silhouette of a beautiful woman perhaps?

With book 4 it’s confirmed that Hawkeye was in fact captured and brainwashed.  This is where the series really picks up speed both in action sequences and humor.  With Hawkeye off playing delivery boy for Black Cat we see the new slimmed down version of our team in a new light.  Kate Bishop, commonly referred to as the other Hawkeye begins to bond in an odd sort of way with our screwball of hero Deadpool.  HawkeyeVsDeadpool-4-AOn top of that (no pun intended) we see Deadpool transform into a take charge type of leader filling the vacuum left by Hawkeye.  The man has plans and he puts them in motion.  Just keep in mind that those plans span the rest of the story so don’t worry if you feel a bit of chaos creeping in short term, it’ll all be fine in the end.  I love how the writers have Kate and Deadpool literally click as a team feeding off each others energy during and after the initial pursuit of Client Barton (Hawkeye…in case you’re lost with which Hawkeye I’m referring too).  I actually enjoyed these 2 better than the patronizing glass is always half empty original Hawkeye.

When they finally catch up with Hawkeye he goes into a type of programmed suicidal state leaping to the edge of the bridge.  HawkeyeVsDeadpool-4-BEven then as Kate runs over to help, Deadpool is surprisingly very responsive to the situation immediately halting Kate’s mad dash with a fully understandable explanation of their current predicament. Once Kate realizes Deadpool is right, yeah he’s right, how often does that happen?  They are forced to cautiously depart the bridge and regroup out of sight.  This does not sit well with Kate but they have no other option.  Walking away Deadpool is already scheming his next moves leading us to 50’s Cadillac containing a trunk load of weaponry.  Deadpool does love his guns while Kate despises them.  Deadpool does what he does best, uses his mouth to get into her head and manages to get Marcia into her hands (Marcia is such a beautiful rocket launcher).  HawkeyeVsDeadpool-4-CNow at first Kate is hesitant on what to do with the weapon.  I was kinda curious myself on where this would lead us keeping in mind Deadpool’s master plan.  Flipping the page though satisfied my curiosity as Kate gets the job done.  For an arrow shooting girl she may have just become a convert.  With the explosion of the electrical substation and the explosion on Kate’s face as she gleefully smiles as her accomplishments Hawkeye snaps out of his trance.

In the final book Hawkeye is finally released from brainwashed choke hold that Black Cat covertly placed on our hero thanks to the explosion caused by Marcia (you know the rocket launcher fired by Kate).  Unbeknownst to Black Cat and her gang, Hawkeye briefly schemes his next move.  HawkeyeVsDeadpool-5-AMany arrows later from Hawkeye’s bow and the injection of Kate it looks like our team has finally gained the upper hand.  Now enter Deadpool and I’m not going to spoil this page but it was pretty damn funny and well worth the money spent on the book.  After that scene Deadpool forced to exit stage left for a brief moment while the rest of the scene continues, both factions fighting for supremacy.  When Deadpool returns midway through the book the team gels together leaving Black Cat on the defensive.  After all the dust settles and as expected the team finds out that Black Cat got away.  At least they were able to breakup Black Cat’s little brainwashing enterprise.  They even learned how to work as a team leaving Kate to say, “I have to admit…shooting the rocket launcher was awesome.” with Deadpool replying, “And that’s why you are the better Hawkeye.”  All I can say is I hope they make a sequel!


Panel/Layout: This was an odd numbered mini-series starting at count 0 of 4 (5 Total).  I’m not too sure why they started the series at issue 0 instead of 1 but maybe there is some odd marketing ploy, strict policy, or mold the publisher tries to stick too but it could have just been issue 1.  That being said the layout was great and each comic was chalked full of material.  Colors were bright and each page flowed nicely.  Action sequences were done well, in fact found the paneling in each comic to differ slightly making each page more unique instead of the more general layouts.

Verdict: Well yeah I enjoyed it!  I’m betting you will too…

Series Rating: 4/5

Office Site: Hawkeye vs. Deadpool


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