Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 1/28/2015

Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 1/28/2015

Here are my choices for top comic book covers.  As always there are way to many to pick from but these definitely got my attention!

It’s Superbowl day with my Seattle Seahawks facing off with the New England deflated Patriots!  Go Hawks!!  Now with that off my chest here’s this weeks top 10.  Of course Jae Lee’s Batman/Cat Woman cover came in on the the list. I just love the way he’s able to draw facial detail and his Batman isn’t too shabby either.  A Dark Horse series that seems to have very little play out in the comic world even after the release of the second series is Paul Tobin’s Colder: The Bad Seed.  By far a favorite of mine simply because of the imaginative genius of Paul Tobin and with Juan Ferreyra rather intricately imagery both on the cover and on each page.  If you haven’t hopped on board the band wagon yet do so soon because Colder takes an approach of nightmarish fantasy to a whole new level.  Karl Kerschl’s variant for Gotham Academy had that Japanese anime feel to it.  Nothing like viewing those big beautiful eyes!  Ben Templesmith seems to have a knack for drawing the creepy and horrific images that make your skin crawl and his latest is no different.  On top of that there’s another horror cover that caught my eye and that was Fran Bueno’s Graveyard Shift cover.  It kind a reminds me of my ex-girlfriend from way back when waking up in the morning.

Switching gears to a cutesie cover by Paulina Ganucheau.  I do enjoy a well drawn Dee-Dee and with her big red button.  My daughter has been waiting for this series to be released.   The new Secret Avengers cover was so different from the rest of Marvel’s release this week that I had to place it on my list.   The line detail was off the chart. From the background to the hair on both women gracing the cover.  It definitely was an eye catcher and with no idea what’s actually going on in the series I’d almost buy it, just for the cover.  Now I usually don’t go for T.V. series style comics or covers but this weeks Sleepy Hollows virgin variant cover by Robert Sammelin changed my mind.  Another odd cover was the new Ghostbusters and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team-up miniseries.  I know that the thought of having them team-up to fight whatever it is they are fighting seems a bit absurd but the cover had a lot going for it and it must have taken Robert Atkins a while to draw the scene; not to mention color.  Lastly, another Tomb Raider cover made the list.  She looks good as always and the story is pretty intense as well.  So there you have it, see you next week!

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Catwoman Vol 4 #38 Cover A Regular Jae Lee
  • Colder Bad Seed #4 Juan Ferreyra
  • Gotham Academy #4 Cover B Incentive Karl Kerschl Variant
  • Gotham By Midnight #3 Cover A Regular Ben Templesmith
  • Graveyard Shift #2 Fran Bueno
  • Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up #1 Cover B Variant Paulina Ganucheau Subscription
  • Secret Avengers Vol 3 #12 Michael Walsh
  • Sleepy Hollow #4 Cover B Incentive Robert Sammelin Virgin Variant
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ghostbusters #4 Cover B Variant Robert Atkins Subscription
  • Tomb Raider Vol 2 #12 Brian Horton

Image Source: Midtown Comics



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