Comic Cover Art: The Valiant (Valiant Entertainment)

Valient Event – The Valiant

Here are the issues for the new miniseries The Valiant.  If anyone cares to share and other variant covers for this series then definitely tack on additional covers to the post or send them to me. There are also retailer incentive sketch variants complimenting the color variants listed below.

Variant Covers:

  • The Valiant #1 Cover A Regular Paolo Rivera
  • The Valiant #1 Cover B Blank
  • The Valiant #1 Cover D 1:20 Incentive Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt Interlocking Variant
  • The Valiant #1 Cover E 1:50 Incentive Francesco Francavilla Variant
  • The Valiant #1 Cover F 1:100 Incentive Paolo Rivera Black & White
  • The Valiant #1 Exclusive Midtown Store Shared Variant
  • The Valiant #1 Exclusive Hastings Store Brent Peeples Variant

Image Source: Midtown Comics


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