Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 1/14/2015

Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 1/14/2015

Here are my choices for top comic book covers.  As always there are way to many to pick from but these definitely got my attention!

The NFC Championships are today, Seattle Seahawks vs. the Green Bay Packers!  Being from Seattle I so desperately want a repeat visit to the Superbowl so GO HAWKS!  Now with that out of the way we can get to the top 10 for the week.  Abe Sapien usually isn’t a cover I prefer only because most of them have very little artistic detail.  Like East of West, Manhattan Projects, and some other popular series there usually isn’t much art to go by but this weeks was a little different and I enjoyed the blue eyes penetrating the layers that the series has enveloped Abe.  Death Lok was cool in the sense that it felt like some of my high school buddy doodles; in a good way.  I didn’t realize this until I was done selecting but I ended up picking 2 Alex Ross covers.  Both look fantastic in typical Ross fashion.

Gabriel Hardman did an amazing job on the new Magnus Robot Fighter virgin cover.  Great facial detail and background depth.  Mack’s new variant for Rai #6 was a pleasant surprise.  He always has a graceful way with his art and this one was no disappointment.  Shutter had a great use of shadowing with that charcoal feel.  Yes another Skottie Young cover but honestly how could I not reward a cover win to the new Star Wars issue #1?  This week seems like half the covers are just of Star Wars.  Damn Marvel and their gazillion variant cover release.  Another awesome cover was Superman Wonder Woman #15.  Damn that thigh just makes me tremble.  Superman getting blasted was needed but Wonder Woman just stands her ground protecting her boyfriend.  They are still going out right?

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Abe Sapien #19 Sebastian Fiumara
  • Deathlok Vol 5 #4 Cover B Incentive Rich Buckler Variant
  • Guardians 3000 #4 Cover A Regular Alex Ross
  • Magnus Robot Fighter Vol 4 #3 Cover H High-End Gabriel Hardman Virgin Art Ultra-Limited Variant Cover (ONLY 25 COPIES IN EXISTENCE!)
  • Rai Vol 2 #6 Cover D Incentive David Mack Variant
  • Shutter #8 Cover B Ross Campbell
  • Star Wars Vol 4 #1 Cover H Variant Connecting Skottie Young Baby
  • Star Wars Vol 4 #1 Cover R Incentive Alex Ross Color Variant
  • Superman Wonder Woman #15 Cover A Regular Ken Lashley
  • Ten Grand #12 Ben Templesmith

Image Source: Midtown Comics



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