Akira #38 (1995) (Epic/Marvel) – Graham Crackers Comics Rocks!

Thanks to co-owner of Graham Crackers Comics John Robinson I was finally able to complete my Akira Epic/Marvel run of 38 comics.  Mind you each comic is the size of a thin Trade Paper Back that even with double bagging in Mylar-D requires half the space in a comic short box.  An issue of Akira #37 in VF/NM or better averages around $25-40 and Akira #38 in VF/NM or better averages around $50-90.

I realize that isn’t much compared to the usual old school Marvel and DC but #38 is rather hard to find.  There have been a few places that I’ve found it around $80 and the most obvious place to find it would be on eBay.  For the past year I’ve been looking for one and seen a few on eBay come and go from questionable sellers.  I mean buying from eBay has it’s risks and I’ve been burned many times in the past.  Unfortunate for me I live in an area that have few comic stores so my only real option is the internet.

Anyways, I check Graham Crackers Comics weekly and noticed they had the cover and thanks to John I was able to obtain the legendary book few have seen.  Apparently GCC bought a huge collection that happened to have this lonely single issue calling my name.  I’ve purchased many books from GCC in the past and shipping has always been topnotch!  Check out the pics of the packaging job done for this shipment.  I realize that this post is starting to sound like one of those shameful plugs but on the flip-side, I believe it’s a well deserved plug.

Thanks John Robinson, co-owner of Graham Cracker Comics!



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