Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 11/19/2014

Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 11/19/2014

Here are my choices for top comic book covers.  As always there are way to many to pick from but these definitely got my attention!

Another week, another set of covers and this week I found it rather difficult to pick the miniscule 10 covers.  That being said I settled for these including the new series Spider-Woman.  Should be an cool series spinning out of the events of the Spider-Verse.  Milo’s rather provocative Spider-Woman seems almost animalistic in nature.  This one has sold out from many online retailers and is commanding a pretty high price on eBay.  Then we have Skottie’s baby version, yin and yang?  Anyways, I found Deadly Class to be pretty cool standing out from the rest.  I kind of enjoy those simply ones, something I’d draw in high school.  God is Dead and Godzilla were the monsters of the group.  Twisted and grotesque needed only the imagination to interpret what may be happening on the pages within.

Joshua Middleton’s fun little cover for Justice League since it reminded me of Teen Titans Go! and my daughter.  Love that show and kudos the cover for making me smile.  Moving to an amazing cover was Multiversity Pax Americana by Jae Lee.  I’m not sure why but I always seem to forget how good of an artist Jae is.  One of these days I need to meet him and get his autograph.  By far one of the best of the best I’ve seen in my lifetime.  I wonder if they will ever create a Hall of Fame of sorts for the comic book industry.  I think that would be an interested addition honoring some of the best that have kept this industry alive and well.

Punk Mumbo by Kalman Andrasofszky was an eye catching cover and the start of a new series by Valiant Entertainment.  I feel like Valiant came back with a vengeance but has subsided as of late.  I’m hoping phase 2 or phase 3 will revitalize their lineup soon since their comic book publishing stats (view via Comichron) have been sinking on a monthly basis and that can’t be good for the company.  They need to push the cinematic envelope and get something onscreen in order to expand their fan base; it could work for them. Another awe inspiring cover was the big eye on the cover of X-O Manowar.  Simple and, crap I’m actually gonna say it, eye catching.  I never said I was an outstanding  writer with a firm grip on the English language, only that I wanted to write about what I found interesting, hehe…

Finally we see something that I’ve been waiting for to hit the Transformers storyline and that’s the character called Junkheap.  Now I could be wrong since I haven’t read the issue yet but it sure looks like a version.  Keeping that in mind the 30th Anniversary covers  for the incentive line haven’t always had anything to do with the story and since it’s on the last issue of the 4 part miniseries of Transformers Primacy it may just be that, an image.  I just hope that if it isn’t that they bring that mumbling oddball back from the historical archives of the Transformers 80s cartoons soon.

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Deadly Class #9 Lee Loughridge
  • God Is Dead #24 Cover B Carnage Wraparound Juan Frigeri
  • Godzilla Cataclysm #4 Cover A Regular Dave Wachter
  • Justice League Vol 2 #36 Cover E Incentive Joshua Middleton Variant
  • Multiversity Pax Americana #1 Cover C Incentive Jae Lee Variant
  • Punk Mambo #0 Cover C Incentive Kalman Andrasofszky Variant
  • Spider-Woman Vol 5 #1 Cover B Variant Skottie Young Baby
  • Spider-Woman Vol 5 #1 Cover F Incentive Milo Manara Variant
  • Transformers Primacy #4 Cover C Incentive Andrew Griffith 30th Anniversary Variant
  • X-O Manowar Vol 3 #30 Cover C Variant Raul Allen

Image Source: Midtown Comics



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