Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 11/5/2014

Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 11/5/2014

Here are my choices for top comic book covers.  As always there are way to many to pick from but these definitely got my attention!

It has been a rough week for me since my wife has been diagnosed with walking pneumonia and is now taking antibiotics and my toddler son has been using the nebulizer for his coughing fits.  I barely had time to find these awesome covers.  All I can say is that there are the usual few that make the list and then there are some that stand out.  Those that truly stood out were Vampirella by Jenny Frison, Superman Unchained by Jim Lee, and Names by Leandro Fernandez.  Unfortunately I need to keep this short and hopefully will be back on track for next week once the household health has improved.

Top 10 List (Alphabetical Order…)

  • Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #9 Cover B Variant Skottie Young Interlocking Baby
  • Bloodshot Vol 3 #25 Cover E Incentive Bryan Hitch Variant
  • Deadpools Art Of War #2 Scott Koblish
  • Empty Man #5 Vanesa Del Rey
  • Eternal Warrior Days Of Steel #1 Cover C Incentive Cary Nord Color Variant
  • Names #3 Leandro Fernandez
  • Rocket Raccoon Vol 2 #5 Cover A Regular Skottie Young
  • Suicide Risk #19 Elena Casagrande
  • Superman Unchained #9 Cover A Regular Jim Lee
  • Vampirella Vol 5 #6 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison

Image Source: Midtown Comics



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