Spider-Man 2099 & Outcast Midtown Comics Signings

1. Spider-Man 2099 #1 Signed by Peter David & J.G. Jones

Can we say blink, it’s gone? I’m lucky I was able to finish the checkout process as this baby was hot right off the press. Signed by both Peter David and J.G. Jones? Man, Midtown doesn’t do very many double signings but when they do and you’re like me, waiting for them to place extras from that signing even onto their website, then don’t hesitate, buy, and buy fast! I’m on the west coast so yeah, I can’t make it to their many signing events. If you are able to get to their stores and haven’t already, check out their Facebook Events Page for any signing events scheduled. I’m sure any of those signings would be an awesome activity to partake in.

2. Outcast Signed by Paul Azaceta

This guy sold out lickety-split and was limited to 1 per customer so even though it was gone in a flash, you still had a chance. I read the comic and it was very entertaining but oh I don’t know if it will live up to the hype. I’m sticking with it and after reviewing the initial print count of issue #1 I feel there are many others that’ll be doing the same as m.

Midtown Comics Source: Spider-Man 2099
Midtown Comics Source: Outcast


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