Comic Review: Spread #1 (Image Comics)

Published by Image Comics, July 2014
Story: Justin Jordan
Art: Kyle Strahm
Colors: Felipe Sobreiro
Letterer: Crank!
Covers By: Kyle Strahm & Felipe Sobreiro


Synopsis: Right off the bat I’m thinking of the John Carpenter movie “The Thing” with Kurt Russel as the main lead.  Holy crap that movie scared the crap out of me and yeah this book, well it drudged up those same emotional pains that I experienced the first time I saw that movie.  Now for a comic book that’s a great thing cause not many comic books can get me to react that way.  The bleak winter snow oozing an immense amount of red at times provides a stark image of things to come.

This is not a book heavy in dialog and mainly we read the narration of the lead simply named “No”.  Yes it’s an odd name and well, we do learn it’s a nickname so maybe eventually we’ll get more info as the story progresses.  Our other main character is the Spread and oh boy it’s a nasty creature seemingly infecting people, hence spreading its reach and thus expanding out past the initial quarantine zone. No provides us some insight on why he’s at a crash site, that he is immune to the Spread.  He also explains that there are bands of men called Raiders and that they pray upon the week

No rescues a baby from the Raiders, the very same Raiders that took the baby from a scientist as she lay dying on the snow. That scientist was apart of the crew from the crash site where we began our story with No.  For some reason this baby is special and after being chased by Runners, another version of the Spread, we find out why this baby is so important.

Variant Covers:image

Panel/Layout: This book uses it’s page space well with paneling broken out with simple boxes laid out defined by the bright vibrant colors.  Yes it’s Felipe Sobreiro’s use of reds that make it pop.  Violent red contrasting against the purest of white creates an amazing blank canvas of snow allowing the use of fine lines for detailing, especially when viewing the Spread or a variation of the spread as it breaks apart forming new and horrifying versions of itself.

Verdict: Justin Jordan’s story is definitely a winner and I’m so intrigued at where he’ll take us.  But I must admit this comic isn’t for everyone, it’s bloody as hell and to be honest I’m not sure most will hop on the band wagon.  Well, zombies are still pretty gruesome and popular so hopefully I’m wrong.  I hate zombies and I hate reading about them, but i like this book even if it’s disturbing at times.  Just gotta think, take a deep breathe, this isn’t real…

Rating: 5/5

Official Site: Spread


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