Comic Review: Winterworld #1 (IDW Publishing)

Published by IDW Publishing, June 2014
Story: Chuck Dixon
Art: Butch Guice
Colors: Diego Rodriguez
Letterer: Robbie Robbins
Covers By: Butch Guice & Diego Rodriguez


Synopsis: This post apocalyptic style comic involves something that may very well be our future depending upon how we continue to affect climate change.  Besides that the story itself concerns 2 characters, Scully and Wynn.  Scully seems to the be level headed leader of the 2 and very much deep in the reality of their situation while Wynn, our 14 year old teenager is miss happy-go-lucky, the optimist of the 2.  We open up to her narration explaining the current state of the planet, frozen and lifeless making every day a life and death struggle.  

We follow these two in their search for Wynn’s parents.  Not much is known about why her parents are missing or how this whole expedition started.  This world reminds me of the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, poorly executed, the movie I mean but the idea was quite fascinating.  I’m hoping this will explore this world ending scenario.  Things like coming across an aircraft carrier in the middle of a cold barren landscape was totally cool to see visualized.  The idea that the power could be turned on because it has a nuclear reactor.  The scene with the laptop and a Google like landing page displaying, pretty funny.  The fact that the need for transportation truly speaks how hard survival can be, especially traveling long distances.

Panel/Layout: The overall layout is nicely done allowing for the smooth progression of our teams adventure. I can’t form words to describe how amazing Butch Guice’s line art is and Diego Rodriguez’s use of color.  Each panel comes alive with this amazing detail allowing for a minimal narration by Wynn as we move between scenes, the pictures speak for themselves.  The hardships with each new scene and the bitter cold are brought forth through the minimalistic use of basic coloring.   

Verdict: The art is simply amazing and by far half of these new series selling point!  The other is by far the story from our writer Chuck Dixon.  We have something good here that needs to be explored.  Something that can provide a better survival story that what Hollywood can dish out.  I only hope this series continues to push the limits bringing forth both new material and new readers.

Rating: 4/5

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