ComicMount – Tabletop/Shelf Display Review

ComicMount – Tabletop/Shelf Display Review

I purchased 5 of the ComicMount products from 1 of the 3 sellers on eBay and received them pretty quickly.  I wanted to share my thoughts on the product concerning tabletop/shelf display and wall mounting.  This review and pictures concern the tabletop and/or shelf style display of your comics.

To start out I used 2 types of comic book holders for reference in this review.  The first is one of the most common CGC style acrylic case and then the other not so common but still very awesome was the BCW Deluxe Comic Book UV Protected Display case.

CGC/PGX Acrylic Case

The CGC case performed well and looked great.  Sliding the stand around was very easy since the CGC case is very light in weight.  You just need to be careful not to yank the stand or the flimsy piece of cardboard that spreads the 2 pieces of plastic apart will fall out and you’ll need to reinsert. The width of the CGC case also averted any tipping the may happen by accident.  So overall a very good solution for displaying CGC or PGX style acrylic cases.

BCW Deluxe Comic Book UV Display Case

The BCW deluxe display case is by far much heavier and I can already tell you that it will not work in a wall mounting unless something is done to beef up the back screws that hold the 2 pieces of plastic together.  I plan on experimenting with that very scenario and will include that in a future review.  So we are just left with the Tabletop and/or shelf display and yes it does work with the heavy BCW case.

There are some caveats to the “works well” part of my explanation.  The flimsy piece of cardboard that keeps the 2 pieces of plastic spread apart in order for the comic stand to function is by far the Achilles heel of the product.  I really wish they had made this insert out of thick plastic like the rest of the product.  I also wish they had some how made this hypothetical plastic style insert slide in a fixed groove so as to keep this piece from simply falling out when pulled, such as sliding the comic case and stand to another side of the table.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is a wonderful product that I intend to keep my eye on.  I will definitely look into beefing up the flimsy piece of cardboard and see if that helps with the overall stability.  If you’d like to share some of your examples I’ve enabled this post for picture replies so don’t hesitate to send some my way.


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