Comic Collecting on a Budget (Part 4) Alt. Retailers

Previous posts I talked about how I store my small collection and where I buy most of my materials since being a small-time collector means that I personally have a small-time budget.  Here are a few alternative retailers that I haven’t personally purchased from that I heard might be worth trying.  Please do share your experience with these alternative retailers concerning overall pricing; including shipping costs.

Bags Unlimited:  I’ve heard great things about this place but I just never got around to ordered anything from them.

Bill Cole Enterprises:  I heard this is a great place to buy materials for your collection but I personally just find them too damn expensive.  E-Gerber and BCE go way back with the Mylar-D patented production process.  The E-Gerber side of the business is priced more competitively than BCE and that’s really the main reason why I buy E-Gerber products from Comic Supply instead of products manufactured by Bill Cole Enterprises.

E. Gerber Products, LLC:  While the business side of Bill Cole Enterprises is up-to-speed with technology easing the ordering process, E. Gerber products purchased from them directly require that you conduct business as if in the stone age.  You can find what you need on their website but you must order by phone.  Yes, their prices are great but again, stone age when it comes to ordering.  That’s why I simply buy these same E-Gerber products for practically the same price over at Comic Supply.

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Comic Collecting on a Budget (Part 4) Alt. Retailers


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