Comic Review: Chew Revival #1 (Image Comics) – Double Issue

Published by Image Comics, May 2014
Story: John Layman (Chew/Revival), Tim Seeley (Revival/Chew)
Art: Rob Guillory (Chew/Revival), Mike Norton (Revival/Chew)
Colors: Rob Guillory (Chew/Revival), Mark Englert (Revival/Chew)
Letterer: John Layman (Chew/Revival), Crank! (Revival/Chew)
Covers By: Rob Guillory & Jenny Frison


Synopsis: Since I’m a dedicated reader and Twitter follower of John Layman and Tim Seeley I’ve been closely watching the heckling and subtle joking concerning the idea of a crossover between the two series.  Thankfully something was actually was produced in the form of a one-shot double issue.  I’ve been following both series from day 1 and have enjoyed Chew’s offbeat humor and Revival eerie darkness. With such stark contrast between plots one may wonder if such a coexistence is possible.  Well it’s safe to say that although I was slightly disappointed that Colby, Tony’s partner was not in the Revival version I thought both were rather entertaining.

Chew/Revival – So we start out with the incident and that incident leads Tony and Colby to Wausau, Wisconsin.  Colby is his usual self going overboard with the jokes and annoying the hell out of his partner.  There they meet the Revival crew Dana and Ibrahaim and head over to the morgue where Reviver body parts are stored.  While Tony and Dana move through each of the scenes we find Colby in the background conversing with the natives, dead or revived.  Reading through the scenes you find subtle jokes, humorous pictures, and just a bunch of randomness interjected very nicely in the main theme.

Revival/Chew – We open up our story to a dance, a rather ghoulish dance setting the tone of our Revival interpretation of the story.  After that the crew meets and the interaction is more serious.  Yes, most of that comes from the fact that Colby was not present in the Revival’s version of the story.  I wish they had placed Colby in their version but alas the story still works and we get to see a more serious Tony.  Most around him think he’s off and I believe even Tony can’t believe some of the things he can do and see from simply ingesting an item in question.

Panel/Layout: The comic is over sized, designed like many of the FCBD style comics.  Flip the comic over and the second story is ready to view.  Both stories stay true to their storytelling style leaving readers familiar to those styles able to truly enjoy each story. 

Verdict: Overall I thought this was a fun read, engaging plot, humor at times and yes I would definitely recommend checking it out.  For the Chew/Revival side the humor was there and the character interactions between the Chew and Revival crews were hilarious!  On the flip-side the Revival/Chew was pretty good, although like I mentioned before I would have loved to see the Revival creators interpretation of Colby, machine in all.  This was a wonderful collaboration between the two creators and if at all possible I think they should revisit this collaboration for another issue in the near future, possibly a biannual adventure?

Rating: 5/5

Office Site: Chew/Revival
Image Comics: Press Release


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