Comic Review: Nailbiter #1 (Image Comics)

Published by Image Comics, May 2014
Story: Joshua Williamson
Art: Mike Henderson
Colors:  Adam Guzowski
Letterer: John J. Hill
Covers By: Mike Henderson


Synopsis: This story is centered around a particular town Buckaroo, Oregon that seemingly has birthed a large number of serial killers in comparison with the rest of the country.  A total of 16 serial killers with the latest Edward “Nailbiter” Warren.  Having spent a portion of my life in Oregon I could honestly see something like this happening. I’d blame the water or the decommissioned Trojan Nuclear Power Plant.  Plenty of things to blame in the state of Oregon.  Hell, I remember asking myself questions concerning my safety during a cross-country race that I participating in during my High School years.  I even wondered, “…so where are the 3-eyed fish” but now I’m getting way off basis.

Actually, what was really intriguing about this premise of this story was that I could relate in that I too have a nasty habit of biting my nails at times.  I even caught myself in the act while reading this comic.  It made me wonder if I too could potentially paint a target on my back like the poor souls on the 2-page spread with Edward “Nailbiter” Warren chewing on those latest victims fingers.  The eye catching detail created a pretty damn grotesque scene; one i most likely won’t shake from memory anytime soon.

Our main character Finch has fallen on hard times, I’m assuming on paid leave after beating what appears to be a suspect to a bloody pulp.  A buddy of his, Eliot Carroll calls him from Buckaroo, Oregon determined to get Finch out there; that he’s cracked the mystery.  We follow Finch as he arrives in town and interacts with some of its residence.  That in turn leads Finch to team up with the local authorities in search for Carroll leading them to the house to one local serial killer…but where’s Carroll?

Panel/Layout: The layout seems pretty standard judging from past comics published by Image.  I think the artwork is satisfactory for provided that visual enhancement needed to tell the story. At least the shading is done well adding to the suspense.

Verdict: I’ll definitely keep reading simply because I’m intrigued about the idea of where do serial killers come from?  How are they born into this world? I hope Mr. Williamson thoroughly explores this idea since it’s the premiss of the series.  Definitely a great breath of fresh rank air to the normal superhero comic.  Nothing like a plate of crazy with a side of fingernails to get you fueled up for the day.

Rating: 3/5

Tumblr Blog: Joshus Williamson
Official Site: Nailbiter


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