Comic Review: Teen Titans Go! #3 (DC)

Published by DC, April 2014
Story: Ricardo Sanchez & Amy Wolfram
Art: Ben Bates & Jorge Corona
Colors: Jeremy Lawson
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Cover By: Daniel Hipp


Synopsis: I’ve been meaning to put some type of review on Teen Titans Go! for some time now since my daughter and I are avid watchers of the cartoon but just haven’t found the time.  Well now that I have I want to make sure that everyone knows that the comic book stays true to the show.  In this book you get 2 stories “Party, Party” and “Silicon Valley Cyborg”.  Both are equally simple, yet funny thus keeping the little avid reader engaged.  I found my daughter halting the progression of the story to point out little things that she found hilarious.  I honestly found it funny because she thought it was so take it at face value.

In “Party, Party” the Teen Titans decide to throw a party leaving Starfire in charge of the guest list.  So you can imagine how that might end up and yes you are probably right and Starfire ends up inviting the entire roster of villains.  Pause for a second and let your imagination run wild with that one.  The second, “Silicon Valley Cyborg” was a bit over the top but again, it made my daughter laugh so it must have been decent.  I actually enjoyed “Party, Party” more than this one.  Basically Cyborg is given a position of CEO at an unknown company with unlimited funds.  He is met with skepticism from Robin, thus everyone but Robin is given a job.  Robin quickly follows suit with the gang but is too late and we get to see how

Panel/Layout: The comic book has a very easy to follow box layout per page and unlike the new series Dexter’s Laboratory comic that I reviewed a little while back, there are fewer words to populate the bubbles leaving more space for artwork.  The size of the words are also much smaller making it an easier read for the 6-8 year old range. Finally, Ben Bates & Jorge Corona did a wonderful job bringing the Teen Titans to life in comic book form.  The character designs are all spot on looking as they do in the cartoon making it a perfect addition for your little Teen Titans Go! crazed fanatic.

Verdict: As I said before it compliments the show so that same goofball character interactions you get from the show are displayed panel by panel for your little reader.  While i was reading this with my 6 year old daughter I could literally mimic the voices in my head as each Teen Titan had a line.  There were plenty of smiles to go around.

Rating: 4/5

Office Site: Teen Titans Go!


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