Comic Review: Manifest Destiny 5 & 6 (Image Comics)

Published by Image, March & April 2014
Story: Chris Dingess
Art: Matthew Roberts
Color: Owen Gieni
Letterer: Pat Brosseau


Synopsis: So I wanted to read issues 5 and 6 since they feed off one another as they bring this first story arc to a close.  All I can say is that my heart was beating a little faster than normal while reading it and it’s one of the few series out there that I’m truly giddy about.  I feel like the skies the limit and I’m expecting a lot next story arc.

In book 5 we open up to the fact that Floyd has gone over to the dark side of natures flora and he isn’t coming back no matter how hard Lewis tries.  After Floyd’s eventual demise the crew heads back to the boats to restock while Charbonneau and Sacagawea remain on shore.  Basically they got a plan to combat the flora threat with Greek Fire.  This is the catalyst for igniting what little bravery the men have left in them for the venture back into the woods.  As the crew heads back into the forest with their new weapon, confident that they will eradicate the flora threat, we finally get to see what the group is up against.

Book 6 picks up where book 5 left us with the battle quickly beginning, crew out numbered but determined to see it through.  Lewis and Clark find the source root and are literally swallowed by the beast.  With a dream like state almost securing their demise an unexpected guardian angel comes to the rescue.  Finally we learn that Captain Clark may not be the most sane of individuals.  In control yes but more cold and calculating than I had initially thought leading me to wonder how that will play out in future books.

I’m still not sure what part Sacagawea plays in this story but it seems that the writer does have something big planned for her in the near future besides being the baddest bad ass warrior princess that I’ve ever seen.  Lara Croft, eat your heart out!

Panel/Layout: So as i had expressed in my review of book 1 the detail for some of these panels is downright amazing.  Especially on the last page of book 5 as the forest and its zombie like flora inhabitants emerge.  Owen Gieni’s use of color provides an immense amount of detail and allows Matthew Roberts art to pop, I mean the eyes and a little imagination allows processing time for the creep factor to set in and it works.  As always each pages real estate is efficiently used, panels positioned in such a way that allows the story to unfold easily for the reader. I find myself stopping and flipping back to previous pages in order to gaze upon individual flora attacking the crew.


Verdict: Definitely another solid yes as a recommendation series to read.  At least now that this first story arc has finished the trade should be out shortly, so save yourself some money and pick it up since finding the first books in the series will cost you a pretty penny at this point.  So far I’ve enjoyed the action, the shrewd comedy, disgusting flora zombie like creatures, and the interaction between the flora and Lewis and Clark’s crew.  Chris and Matthew have a major hit and I’m glad to be apart of it.

Rating: 5/5
Official Site: Manifest Destiny
Review: Manifest Destiny #1


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