Comic Review: Rocket Girl #4 (Image Comics)

Published by Image Comics, March 2014
Story: Brandon Montclare
Art: Amy Reeder


Synopsis: Well hot diggity damn I knew that when I picked up this book I was in for another wild ride and boy was I not disappointed. Brandon and Amy deliver a stellar book with colors that pop and chase scenes that make you feel like you’re right there in the thick of it!

We start out in the present of 1986 where DaYoung Johansson faces her first real threat to her mission; two Quintum Mechanics Special Security officers. As our time spanning conspiracy begins to unravel as the pieces are moved into play, both in the past and future where we see things pick up in issue #4. Our Special Forces team from 2013 have a mission and DaYoung is the key, well more specifically the jetpack she carries with her. Somehow this jetpack and the Q-Engine are needed by the powers at be in keeping the past power structure in place and only DaYoung is standing in there way. When our chase scene commences, we are lead through a series of events constructing a rather lengthy yet exhilarating chase scene though streets and subways of New York City. As DaYoung navigates her way through tight spaces and crowds of confused New Yorkers we find ourselves watching intently while DaYoung figures out how to deal with her current predicament. We lay purview to how DaYoung handles each scene while being chased by her Special Forces pursuers.

In-between several chase scenes we see the inevitable begin, which is the reconstruction of the Q-Engine by the 1986 Quintum Mechanics group. Even though Annie objects several times the group consensus here is rebuilding the Q-Engine will somehow result in fixing this anomaly; DaYoung included. In the end we are left with quite the cliffhanger. Has DaYoung eliminated her persuers? What will become of her as she falls unconscious to the ground? With the state of emergency declared by both the Quintum Mechanics board and the Mayor in 2013, will Commissioner Gomez and Detective Leshawn be able to pull off what looks to be quite the standoff between NYTPD and Quintum Mechanics? I hope we find out in the next issue. I know I’ll be getting it and so should you!

Panel/Layout: As with previous books in this series the layout is simply amazing. Amy’s ability to bring draw dropping vibrant pictorial descriptions of what’s an amazing chase scene is nothing but stellar! I actually got a bit giddy when I picked it up knowing full well what I was in for. I was so right and with the radiant colors popping out on each page my heart beat sped up a few beats as I immersed myself into the pages of the story. I felt like a bystander on the city streets below as DaYoung out maneuvered her opponents. Finally, the last couple of pages are sketch images of DaYoung with her back to the future (1986) followed by another of her facing the past (2013).

Verdict: Yes I’m a fan and yes I’m saddened that I haven’t heard much talk about the series on various Comic News and Blog sites. I know I can’t be the only one reading this series so I’m going to make it my mission to continue reviewing this series whenever I can in hopes that someone will take notice!

Rating: 5/5

Office Site: Rocket Girl


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