Comic Review: All-New Doop #1 (Marvel)

Published by Marvel, April 2014
Story: Peter Milligan
Art: David Lafuente
Color: Laura Allred
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist’s: Michael & Laura Allred and Adi Granov


Synopsis: Doop is a mysterious green blog that was created by both Peter Milligan and Mike Allred’s X-Force run in early 2000.  In fact his first appearance was in X-Force #116 in 2001.  He was a popular X-Force team member and later shared that same popularity in his X-Static run.  Sadly, the end of X-Static brought about the deaths of all the team members including Doop.  Not much is known about the little green bugger nor does anyone seem to understand what he’s saying.  If you were an active reader of Jason Aaron’s run of Wolverine and the X-Men then you saw the return of the green icon.  That return brought what was needed to complete the faculty staff Wolverine hand picked for his newly opened Jean Grey School.  With that return we unfortunately got very little of Doop.  That all changed in issue #17 where Wolverine teamed up with Doop. To be honest I loved every page of that issue.  Overall his character seems to have transitioned from that very quite calculating yet methodical killer in X-Static to our currently indolent goofball in Wolverine and the X-Men.


So now that Doop’s popularity has increased thanks to his teaching position at the Jean Grey School we now have the privilege of reading  his first miniseries.  All I can say is that it’s about time he’s shown some love by Marvel.  I mean if the 80s hit flick Ghostbusters can have a green glob like ghost named Slimer then why can’t future potential X-Men movies have Doop.  After all, if he is going the route of the comical relief then I think that would add more flavor to the X-Man cinema soup.  Any ways, so that being said this new series had me thinking, what were they going to do with Doop.  Between the top secret missions handed to him in by Wolverine and his slothful actions at the Jean Grey School then what kind of miniseries would we receive?

Well to answer that without spoiling too much of the story right off the bat we find out Doop is in love.  We also learn that Doop takes his job of recording X-Man history pretty seriously as we see him rushing between important events that are taking place in related X-Men books.  So if you aren’t reading Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, or X-Men then Doops actions may bewilder you.  The main event that Doop is recording, at times intervening, and then flat out manipulating is X-Men: Battle of the Atom.  So make sure you are at least a little familiar with the 10 or so books that make up the event.

We learn that Doop has his ways and he apparently gets the job done.  Probably why Wolverine practically begged him to come to his new school during the first issue of Wolverine and the X-Men.  Since we aren’t able to understand what Doop is saying throughout the story we have a narration of sorts that explains what is both happening in the mind of Doop and his actions in each panel.

Panel/Layout: Just another book with cheap thin paper and a wrinkly cover; what you expect from Marvel.  The standard cover by Mike Allred and the variant cover by Adi Granov are both awesome and yes I picked both up because I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.  There wasn’t anything special with the paneling, standard layout with the exception during Doop’s travels through The Margin, well falling I suppose.

Verdict: I’m a big Doop fan and I’ll have to be honest that there’s quite a bit of bias tainting this review.  That being said you should definitely take that with a grain of salt and read between the lines.  Doop now has his own miniseries speaks wonders for the evolution of this somewhat unconventional character.  Yes, the book was a bit confusing at times, especially since it dealt with the recent Marvel event X-Men: Battle of the Atom where Doop injected himself into the storyline.  Overall I still think this miniseries has a lot of potential and the new cartoony Doop is cute.  I know some won’t share the same enthusiasm but hey it’s a start and I’ll keep reading.  I am worried about one thing though, Doop can speak English?  Don’t ruin Doop for me guys…

Rating: 4/5

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