Comic Review: Rocket Girl #1 (Image Comics)

Published by Image Comics, October 2013
Story: Brandon Montclare
Art: Amy Reeder


Synopsis: I kind of stumbled upon this one back when previews were coming out for the release month. I knew it dealt with the future and that it incorporated time travel so of course I was interested. What really grabbed me was the choice of year for the time travel. Our story is about a teenage cop named DaYoung that’s from an alternate 2013 who’s sent back in time to save the world, sent back to the year 1986! Watchmen and Batman The Dark Knight Returns debuted that year.  The comic publisher Dark Horse opened its doors as well.  Those were but a few things that happened in the comics world in 1986. 

What is this evil that’s bent on destroying the world. Well, it’s not really about destroying as it’s more about controlling. That controlling evil entity goes by the name Quintum Mechanics. This alternate future is full of corruption and the only way to fight this corruption was appoint teenage cops. Brandon Montclare explained in his interview with Amy Reeder and Robot 6 that this timelines older population had the bright idea to instill the younger, teenage population with this authority because teenagers are more idealistic in their thinking and there approach to right and wrong are in line with black and white.

Panel/Layout: I did like the layout in this book, semi-standard with breaks between pages. Each page flows with the storyline without any confusion and loved how the use of coloring literally explodes on each page. The use of thick black bordering helps each panel pop. This bright use of coloring reminds me of a Japanese anime movies I’ve seen; eye candy for the eyes. I felt I was pulled into some of the action sequences in this book. Some of these action sequences were of DaYoung flying through Times Square, battling a crook, and botching the local NYPD plans of taking her into custody. Amy Reeder’s art work was definitely a treat for eyes, the lines clean and concise.

Verdict: Yes, I definitely recommend going to your local comic book store or online site and buy this book. This clearly will be a very unique and exciting series to read as we follow DaYoung through the past and all that takes place as she tries to figure out how to save the future. If only the word can get out there about this series from Image, I feel like this could be a top seller. So if you are a fan of time travel or familiar with the happenings of 1986 then this book clearly has your name written all over it! If not…what’s stopping you from just a unique and enjoyable story? After all Brandon Montclare has written a winner here so please go out and support Brandon and Amy, go get it.

Rating: 5/5

Office Site: Rocket Girl
Robot 6 Interview Source


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