Comic Review: Night of the Living Deadpool #1 (Marvel)

Published by Marvel, March 2014
Story: Cullen Bunn
Art: Ramon Rosanas
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Synopsis: Here we are with yet another zombie apocalypse storyline that in my opinion has been overdone. At least this is only a 4 issue series and at least it stars the Merc so we kind a know what to expect, especially with superstar writer Cullen Bunn behind the steering wheel of this makeshift dead head vehicle so it should be good, right? So let’s break to our story where we find ourselves with Deadpool waking up from an apparent food coma to screams, screams emanating from just outside from an unfortunate fellow being devoured by a hoard of zombies. Making his usual wisecracks, singing that famous tune of “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany Darwish, you know the mall singer, we follow Deadpool on his quest to find some more grub. Deadpool tries to rationalize his current predicament and why he hadn’t noticed any of the warning signs that the end was near. To be honest does Deadpool notice anything going around him unless it’s food or a stack of cash?

For me there definitely were a good many smirks and yes a couple laughs but nothing to extraordinary has happened yet to make this a standout book. I did enjoy the zombie hoard as they chased down Deadpool whining about everything from normal questions to why they are zombies to their apologetic approach to their future Deadpool bite. On the other hand Deadpool finds the zombie hoard chasing him rather annoying, diminishing the thrill he initially had whilst hacking away. By the end of the book we find out the heroes are all dead and only Deadpool can save the day! Wait, I swear this has been done before! Hopefully Mr. Bunn has a crap load of hilarious one-liners, amazing characters to introduce, and some great story or this book may end up being just another mediocre Deadpool kills Deadpool book.

Panel/Layout: The book has a standard layout found in most comics. What I found pleasing to the eyes was the use of color and shading. Past events are represented in full color whilst current in black and white. Deadpool wears his signature red and black uniform with utility belt and I found the black and white shading visually helpful as Deadpool advanced through the city and zombie hoards, “Where’s Deadpool?”

Verdict: Yes, I would recommend this book to any Deadpool fan or for anyone who leans more on comedic value than serious plotlines. Let’s make sure not discount Cullen Bunn as he is an excellent writer and I’ve enjoyed all of his Deadpool books thus far. He’s very comfortable in his writing of the Merc so I’m hopeful for the 4 book series from him that it’ll contain plenty of jokes and outrageous antics. Also a plus is Ramon Rosanas’s art, which is amazing, clean and identifiable.

Comic Pile: Somewhere in the middle.

Official Site: Night of the Living Deadpool


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