Comic Review: Deadly Class #1 (Image Comics)

Published by Image Comics, January 2014
Story: Rick Remender
Art: Wes Craig
Color: Lee Loughridge

Synopsis: The story takes place sometime in January, 1987 in good old San Francisco. We follow a young man Marcus living on the streets keeping track of his thoughts via his journal. His parents were killed in front of him so he’s a bit of a headcase. His mental state further reveals to us that the voices are telling him to do bad things, yet there also seems to be a presence that keeps him going. This mental instability is a wonderful thing as it provides us with an unlimited playground of opportunities for this series.

Seeing Marcus’s current state of mind and how he has survived with his affliction provides the necessary back story for our main character.  We are then introduced to a girl named Saya. Without spoiling too much of the story it follows a familiar yet action packed adventure of boy meets girl, boy tags along with girl, unknown bad guys chase boy and girl, boy finds himself in imminent danger of taking his last breath, girl acts accordingly, and boy realizes girl is quite the badass. He then meets Professor X, I mean Master Lin, where he explains that he would like the opportunity to train Marcus to be an assassin at the…hey come on I’m not going to spoil it for you. You need to go buy this book because it’s definitely a good read.

Panel/Layout: The book has a tremendous amount of visual information to dish out. Each page has a beautiful color scheme that’s easy on the eyes helping the flow of the story from page to page. What’s intriguing about the page design of the book is that each page has a completely different layout. Each layout consists of a normal to high box count containing part of the story. Normally this can become busy, especially with a lot of lettering, thus hard on the eyes. For example I’m an avid Transformers fan and on occasion the current Robots in Disguise or More than Meets the Eye books will contain a high box count on any given page. On top of that each box has an immense amount of lettering to go along providing part of the story and well it does become a bit hard to read.  I’m glad that isn’t the case here and I really enjoyed how the panels flowed.

Verdict: Yes, I definitely would recommend this to anyone looking for an action packed, well written comic with an immense amount of potential. Between the fast action, smooth panel flow, and somewhat comedic inner monologue you won’t be disappointed. I realize this is the first issue of a new series but with Rick Remender writing it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll be a popular series and well worth the investment. Wes Craig’s art is impressive, especially in combination with Lee Loughridge’s use of color and how it creates the overall tone of the story. Each page is beautifully done and sucks you right in. Definitely another win for Image. Please, please keep the layout design the same, love it!

Comic Pile: Definitely at the top!

Official Site: Deadly Class


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