My First Post

Figure I should introduce myself real quick. My name is Patrick and yes I’m a comic book enthusiast, fanatic, avid reader, whatever man I love comics! So what better way to show my appreciate for the art than to start yet another comic book blogging site for the masses to share my two cents worth on everything comic related. The best thing about my thoughts on comics are that they probably are only worth two cents. At least my kids can visit after I’m dead and see what I spent my time on while I was ignoring them! No, I’m only kidding Snuggly and Uno. I love you both dearly and that’s why I’m blogging after you are tucked in your beds.

Any ways, lost my point, oh yeah so the point of this site is to share what’s on my mind and to try and share condensed reviews on what I’m currently reading in order to better serve your powerful decision making skills for solving ones dilemma on whether to invest time in a particular book or series. Maybe I’ll come up with some type of lame star rating, like every other site does. That sounds like a plan!

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